$2,000 Free to Play Hearthstone?

Free to Play Hearthstone! Hearthstone is a free to play game. VengaDragon made the mistake of breaking out the credit card and has never looked back. Check out the episode to see Ecore’s reaction. Ecore 100 and VengaDragon discuss how they got into Hearthstone and their journey to becoming content creators, streamers and players.

Ecore 100 Video: $2,000 Free to Play

VengaDragon Video: Totem Shaman | Dragon Paladin

Listen to the Podcast Version 

Hearthstone Meta Hype Summary 

  • Who are Ecore 100 & VengaDragon?
  • Hearthstone Meta Discussion
  • The HypeHorizen Meta Report
  • Did you Like the Nerfs?

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