After the Patch – The Top 5 Decks Now

Article written by SimonkeyIsland.

The List of nerfed and buffed cards in Patch 25.0.4 from a few days ago is long:


  • Prince Renathal – Now increases max health to 35 (down from 40).
  • Unleash Fel – Now has Manathirst (6) (up from 4).
  • Relic of Dimensions – Now costs 6 mana (up from 5).
  • Anub’Rekhan – Now affects the next three minions played that turn (instead of all minions).
  • Boon of the Ascended – Now costs 5 mana (up from 4).
  • Priestess Valishj – Now costs 1 mana (up from 0).
  • Necrolord Draka – Now costs 5 mana (up from 4).
  • Sinstone Graveyard – Now costs 3 mana (up from 2).
  • Sketchy Information – Now costs 4 mana (up from 3).
  • Forsaken Lieutenant – Now costs 3 mana (up from 2).
  • Tome Tampering – Now banned in Wild.


  • Corpse Bride – Now you can spend up to 10 Corpses (up from 8).
  • Malignant Horror – Now requires you to spend 4 Corpses for extra effect (down from 5).
  • Meat Grinder – Now you gain 4 Corpses (up from 3).
  • Blightfang – Now is a 3/4 minion (up from 3/3).
  • Stitched Giant – Now costs 9 mana (down from 10).
  • Ymirjar Deathbringer – Now is a 4 /3 minion (up from 3/3).
  • Rime Sculptor – Now is a 4/3 minion (up from 3/3).
  • Obliterate – Now your hero takes 3 damage (instead of damage equal to the health of the destroyed minion).
  • Blood Tap – Now requires you to spend 2 Corpses for extra effect (down from 3).

And of course, all these changes must have led to such in the meta.

It’s also always hard to find or choose the right decks for the top 5.

On the one hand, because there are more than 5 good decks that you can play at the moment, on the other hand, because it depends on which region of the ladder you are in.

In addition, there are decks that just feel good, but sometimes aren’t really.

If you look at the decks that were played at the Hearthstone World Championship last weekend as a measure of good decks BEFORE the nerfs and buffs, there were a lot of different Rogue decks, Boon and XL Priests, Quest Demon Hunter, Druids, and only a few Mages and Paladins.

Let’s get this out of the way before we look at the best decks, also to illustrate how much the patch has changed the “deck landscape”.

It would be too much to go into all the individual nerfs and buffs here.

Probably the biggest questions arise in the use of the generated cards Prince Renathal and Necrolord Draka.

Are the so-called XL decks dead?

Answer: Maybe, but not yet. There are still some decks you can play. And the really work well.

Does playing a Draka Rogue still make sense?

Answer: It seems that this archetype is almost dead.Substitute: Thief Rogue is coming up again.

Let’s just take a look at the best decks you can play right now, and I’ve chosen different decks above all (the order is arbitrary):

Pure Paladin – 8940 Dust

This archetype is not new. Already with The Countess a really good card was added in the Castle Nathria expansion for this deck. And now with March of the Lich King Blood Matriarch Liadrin and Seal of Blood.

And also many many powerful cards that you are welcome to look at in detail using the deck code.

It is a tempo / midrange deck, with many ways to buff and even do some mana-cheat.

Evolve Shaman – 7920 Dust

You won’t really find many new cards here.

It’s simply about getting cards like Goldshire Gnoll and Sea Giant onto the field (ideally) and then buffing it with tools like the location Muck Pools, Convincing Disguise, and the already very familiar Primordial Wave card.

Yes, of course RNG should be on your side here!

Frost Burn Death Knight – 4340 Dust

Actually, this deck can be summed up as quickly as it can almost be played:

Cards that increase Spell Damage + Frost damage cards = Lethal

Perfect for this:

Frost Strike and Lady Deathwhisper!

Tempo Mage – 4500 Dust


We collect Arcane Spell damage cards, buff or copy them with other cards, and soon have lethal in hand.

Even though it’s called Tempo Mage, you still have to have a little patience until you have these cards together.

Arcane Wyrm is a great way to start the game and get a great card for later. Arcane Bolt!

Then there is the most important card, Frozen Touch, which once infused, you get back in your hand.

XL Beast Hunter – 19280 Dust

The good old XL Beast Hunter is back!

With few new tools / cards like Astalor Bloodsworn and Lor’themar Theron.

Other than that, you will of course find Harpoon Gun, the Wild Seeds package and many, many Legendaries, which is why this deck is so expensive. But: you also get a lot of different ways to play it!

To sum up, the card changes have had a very big impact on the meta and the decks.

In my opinion, for the better.

Many decks are playable and competitive again, variability has increased and the meta seems more balanced.

Of course, there are still such decks as Aggro and Ramp Druid, Imp (Curse) Warlock, Shockspitter Hunter, Scythe Demon Hunter, Blood Control death Knight and many, many more.

In any case, have fun playing the above decks and don’t forget: STAYHYPE!


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