Apex Legends Mobile Comparison

Apex Legends Mobile takes an interesting new approach to competitive mobile gaming as it doesn’t support crossplay and it is not a port (unlike the Switch version.) Instead, it’s more like a new game using the assets of the PC version. So how different is Apex Legends Mobile compared to the original version?

Hype Horizen has been following the original Apex Legends through our player, zeee3, and we’re primarily focused on the PC version. But some of the features of the mobile game are so radically different, they could foreshadow changes scheduled to come to the main game.

Legend-Specific Perks

In the main game, perks are attached to gear and have more general effects on any character. But in Mobile, the perks are character specific and resemble something more like a talent tree. These new perks allow you to dramatically alter the core functionality of a character, such as changing the way abilities work. For example, Mirage’s decoys can now copy his teammates given the right perks. Lifeline’s med bot can now follow the teammates its healing. Pathfinder’s Grapple can now tether allies and drag them towards him. These perks can be unlocked while by playing as the characters and leveling them up, adding a new feeling of progression and customization.

9 Original Legends, 1 Newcomer

Apex Legends Mobile returns to the game’s original roster of 9 characters, with an additional mobile-exclusive character named Fade. Fade as the ability to rewind his position, similar to Tracer in Overwatch, and his ultimate creates a “void” zone where players can neither cause damage nor be damaged. Mobile also only has one map, as opposed to the main game’s four maps. However, it makes up for the lack of maps with two additional modes: Arenas and Death Match. The arena mode features fast 3v3 battles, perfect for mobile. Death Match mode is exactly what it sounds like.

Small Feature Changes With Big Impact

Apex Legends Mobile features several small fiddly changes. For example, smoke bombs are now more opaque, objects that disappear on their own now have visible timers, and some items will be looted ,from deathboxes automatically. All these little changes add up, and create a very different feel for the game. Interestingly the zip line movement trick that was patched in the main game was restored in the mobile game. They also added visualizations to sound effects (similar to Fortnite) and the ability to play in third person mode at any time. The meta is also significantly impacted by the mobile controls; guns are less precise, meaning sniper weapons aren’t ase useful as automatic weapons.


These kinds of major changes would not be possible if the Mobile game featured crossplay, and it makes it feel like Respawn Entertainment is using this as a testing ground for changes they would like to roll into the main game. For example, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Fade get added to the main game some day. Currently both games feature two distinct battle passes, with distinct rewards. For example, you could earn a skin for Mirage and mobile, but be unable to see that skin ever in the standard game. It’s a little bit of an odd system, and hopefully they have a plan for smoothing out the awkwardness going forward.


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