Best 5 Decks To Play After The Nerfs

The Patch 24.2.2 went live yesterday, with lots of nerfs and several buffs. In this article, I will cover those AND show you the best decks to play right now!

Wildheart Guff, Magister Dawngrasp, Edwin Defias Kingpin, Nightcloak Sanctum, Defend the Dwarfen District, Kael’thas Sinstrider, Smothering Starfish. Those cards were nerfed and are eligible for a full dust refund within the next two weeks.

Schoolteacher and Alliance Bannerman were buffed.

You can read the Patch Notes here.

Good Decks to play right now, with impressive results!

Demon Hunter

For all Demon Hunter Lovers, I’ve got something for you! DracoCatt played Relic DH in Legend with 69% Winrate!


Far Watch Post, Sigil of Alacrity, Relic Vault, Venomous Scorpid.

You can also watch Draco’s VODs on Twitch.


Meati always finds a way to make Shaman work, and never disappoints.


Schooling, Clownfish, Sleetbreaker, Bolner Hammerbreak, Wildpaw Cavern, Muck Pools, Goldshire Gnoll.

Meati’s VODs are available here.


Boon Priest is now even better with the nerf of Starfish. Definitely worth a try!


Switcheroo, Handmaiden, Radiant Elemental.


Paladin looks like a fun and effective deck to try now!


Chef, Knight, Steward, Battle Vicar.

BabyBear streams here.


Rogue remains good. Well, who thought? Only Edwin got nerfed, nothing big. This fun deck will win you randomly games, and it’s fun! Bunnyhoppor did a good job with this.


Gnoll, Jackpot, Tradeables, Reconaissance.


Thanks for reading!

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