Come Watch Thursday Night Throwdown 3

Breaking News: as of 12:39 PM EST, HypeHorizen Publications™ has just confirmed Grandmaster and World Champion contender Bankyugi will be participating in Thursday Night Throwdown.

HypeHorizen’s Thursday Night Throwdown is back once again tomorrow. It’s bigger; it’s better, and as always, it’ll be cast by the East Coast, Competitive Team Captain, freestyle rapper himself, DmoneyGames. Join us tomorrow, Dec. 17, at 8:30 PM EST for streams, memes, dreams, and of course, 76 packs being prized out along with viewer giveaways.

“It’s our 3rd tourney in 3 months, we’ve capped out space every time,” tournament organizer SkaJohnny said. “We get a wide variety of people. GMs come to our yard, yeeee boiiii.”

We’ve got a great show for everyone tomorrow. We’ve got giveaways to do on stream; we’ve got memes to post on our Discord; we’ve even got another three fantastic players casting alongside Dmoney: Warshack match two, DracoCatt match three, and for match one and the rest of the stream, the “:)” master himself, GamerRvg.

If he ever has any banter for me, or anyone else, he always leaves a smile emoji.

Oh yes, there’s going to be banter. Tons of banter for that matter. Specifically, if you’ve ever seen Rvg and Dmoney cast on stream, it’s truly a work of art. They usually cast in cooperation, but when they disagree on something, it becomes a fantastic experience. One will posit a theory, a reason why a player did something or why they’re running a certain card, and the other will refute it. All while smiling and laughing.

The dynamic is fantastic and once again, we’ll have a 32-player bracket, so expect around four hours of quality entertainment and casting. Maybe Dmoney or Rvg will forget how a card works and we can snipe another excellent clip.

But Wait; There’s More!

As of 12:07 PM EST, HypeHorizen Publications™ has just received confirmation of a special after-party event hosted by a legendary streamer where you can try out any of the decks you saw in TNT along with even more giveaways.

Who’s this mysterious figure, this new challenger that approaches? It’s no other than GuyGrumpy!

Guy’s been very busy growing HypeHorizen and The Happy Hearthstone Podcast, but he’s going to be back tomorrow to fulfill all sate hat-wearing cravings.

“Tomorrow will be a little different — it’s my first stream in a week and a half, so I’ll be doing some pack giveaways. Since it’s being promoted, I’ll give away two HypeHorizen shirts as well. And it will be a play-with-viewers stream where people can try out the decks from the tourney, if they wanted.”

What’s better is you don’t even need all the cards for whatever deck you want to play; just a deck code.

“Since I maintain a full collection, I can build any of the decks. The people who play me won’t need all the cards, they can just borrow my deck.”

Basically what I’m trying to tell everyone is it’s going to be hype. There’s giveaways, competition, banter, and tons of fun.

As the wise tournament organizer SkaJohnny once said “Hype parties be the best parties.”



Hi, I'm Fornari and I've been playing TFT since the day of release, peaking at 269th NA (nice) season two, and finishing either Diamond 2 or Master every season. I've been coaching for three years, including over a year of TFT coaching.

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