Do Pokémon Dream?

The Pokémon Franchise has enticed multiple generations. Pokémon is still going strong today, and it’s not hard to see why with their ability to constantly provide something new for their fanbase. They have manga, a cartoon, video games, card games, and toys. People get tattoos of them, go to conventions for them, and even let their babies pick their first Pokémon starter as soon as they can crawl. The mobile app Pokémon GO was an instant sensation that filled the streets with people of all ages going outside to finally live out the dream of catching their own Pokémon. But what happens when Pokèmon sleep; do they dream?

So, do you want to be the very best like no one ever was?

*Que Theme Music*

Well, that starts with a good night’s sleep.

Pokémon Sleep is a mobile app that is meant to track your sleep throughout the night. Of course, there are many sleep-tracking applications and gadgets out there but somehow I never considered Pokémon would enter the sleep market. Pokemon GO is a glorified step tracker, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Now, you might be thinking, “This is a gaming website, not a wellness website.” Of course, it is! However, two things: The Pokémon Franchise has a track record of making successful games of the unexpected, and Rule #3 of HypeHorizen is DON’T DIE! (Which means making healthy choices.)

The Pokémon Sleep app allows you to track your sleep each night by placing your device next to your pillow while you sleep. It’s very specific not to place a pillow or anything over your phone for the night because overheating is possible.

This sleep app allows the user to track their sleep cycle throughout the night based on movement. It also records any noises you make, so you can finally hear how much you snore! Placing your phone on your nightstand won’t work because the app is expecting you to move in your sleep. Your sleep style is categorized in three ways; Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves because I have yet to describe how this app is a game.

When you start you’ll meet Professor Neroli, who is a researcher of how pokémon sleep. Naturally, he needs your help to conduct his research and will go about explaining how he has found these Snorlax that seem to affect the Pokémon surrounding it. The effect of the Snorlax is based on how well-fed it is, which increases its RP or rest points.

Pokemon Sleep Professor Neroli

The larger the Rest Points of a Snorlax is, the larger area of effect it has allowing it to draw in more and even rare pokémon types. It also can make some of these pokémon extra hungry, which matters for catching them, well this game considers it befriending them. In all honesty, it’s the same thing if you know your Pokémon lore.

To befriend a wild pokémon you must feed them poké biscuits. The poké biscuits come in different kinds such as the Master Biscuit and Great Biscuit. Just replace the normal BALL part with a biscuit. Each type of biscuit provides a certain amount of hearts to a wild pokémon, each of which will have a meter above them with several pips showing how many hearts are needed to befriend them. Different pokémon require a different amount of hearts and depending on which biscuit you use, how hungry the visiting pokémon is, and if you’ve purchased the premium pass can all affect how fast you can befriend a pokémon.

Pokemon Sleep and Frienship Points

Yes, there are micro-transactions in this game. It’s entirely unnecessary, but as with all repeatable purchases in games, it will give you a slight advantage with some of the mechanics of the app. There is a shop in the game, in which you can use the currency you earn freely in the game by doing different acts to purchase things to enhance your gameplay. Let’s get back to the pokémon aspect.

After befriending one of the wild pokémon that appear after you and your Snorlax take a sleep together, which must be a rest of at least 90 minutes to count, they will start to help you. You get a team of 5 pokémon of your choosing, and they will gather berries and ingredients. They also have abilities that have a chance to trigger when you collect the items from them. Each pokémon has different berries, ingredients, and abilities in their repertoire to help you raise the rest points of your Snorlax.

The berries that you collect from your pokémon team will be consumed immediately for rest points by Snorlax. Ingredients gathered can be used to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Snorlax which will provide a large boost to its rest points. Any abilities that are triggered during collection have a variety of uses. Some abilities will instantly increase Snorlax’s rest points. Some provide extra ingredients to be used while cooking. While some abilities provide extra energy for your pokémon team because while they can’t lose any hit points they can get tired. It’s simple enough to remedy a sleepy pokémon, all it takes is going to sleep.

Pokemon Sleep and Food

Snorlax will have preferred berries and foods, which will provide an extra boost to the rest points it receives from eating. This will change each week as you get a new Snorlax to study at the start of each week. Yes, you have to start raising a new Snorlax each week. Raise its rest points again. Nurture it until it’s big and strong! However, the pokémon you collect during the week will stay and any growth they’ve had over the week will also remain.

Yes! You can level your pokémon team! They gain passive experience when you complete a sleep cycle, but you can also level them up with candies and sleep points. Leveling up your pokémon allows for a few things; the increase of items you’re able to gain from them, being able to evolve them, and unlocking more passive abilities they can use. You can acquire candies by chance when you collect items from them, or you get candies when you take pictures of the ones that have gathered when you wake up in the morning.

Taking pictures of pokémon allows you to document their sleep styles, which come in a few different styles per pokémon. Some have more than others, and they all come in varying degrees of rarity. This is one of the points of Pokémon Sleep; filling your Sleep Style-Dex. It’s all a part of helping Professor Neroli conduct his research.

Pokémon's Sleeping Pikachu

There are so many little things in Pokémon Sleep that make it enjoyable to me, and I could truly go on and on about it. I adore seeing the sleep styles, feeding Snorlax allows you to discover new and exciting dishes, and this little app doesn’t take much time or effort. It’s simple. And I like that.

Sometimes life is fast, sometimes it’s hard and tedious. At the end of the day sometimes we don’t have the energy to play mentally taxing games, even if it’s just to relax. Do yourself a favor and go get some sleep, and make sure you take your trusty Snorlax with you.

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