Free April Hearthstone Decks

Are you new to Hearthstone or are you coming back after a long break and want to play something decent and catch up? Well, read on because in this post I will show you which decks you can get for free if you meet the requirements. So check out my list of FREE April Hearthstone decks.

To get a free deck you must be a new player (or a player with a new account) and reach the bronze level or have not entered the game for at least 4 months, this is an option that gives Hearthstone to players and encourages them to keep playing.

In total 6 decks are available, of which you can try them all for a week and after this, you must choose only one. I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with one, that makes you feel comfortable playing it, but if you want to know the opinions of each one here you have them.

Beasts of the Deep: a deck that plays summon large beasts with mana discounts, even doing it from the deck. It has the possibility that you can play a good early game and even put pressure on turn 1. It is a good deck and a good choice if you feel comfortable playing with the hunter.

Arcane Power: A fairly aggressive deck with the ability to do lethal from hand. It relies on building good boards, getting extra copies of spells to do damage to the face and with frozen touch always infusing thanks to your boards it’s infinite damage. Very good choice if you like decks that push from the start, especially with almost permanent spell damage.

A legendary invitation: of the 6 decks it is the strongest (although prone to a nerf, that is also good if you think about getting resources). Its synergy with the silver hand recruits and Liadrin is very good. You can defend your boards with divine shields or play minions with provocation at 0 cost and if all else fails, the countess can give you legendary minions for 0 cost. I’m a main hunter, but if I had the chance to choose a deck, this would be it.

Lottery: this deck used to be a bit stronger last year, but even after losing some resources by rotation, it is still a good option if you like to rely on RNG and value. Discounts are the order of the day and replaying cards of another class you have played. I consider this deck as one of those that can get constant resources and legendary comebacks. The synergy with concoctions is brutal.

Impfused with Power: I ranked at the end of last year with this deck and although it lost some tools it gained others that make it stable. Board-based and aggressive cut, Impfused with Power can easily mug OTK decks but can fail against very control decks. It relies on board damage and abyssal curse damage to get the job done. A good choice without a doubt.

Embrace the pain: the ugly duckling of the 6 available decks, especially because the warrior is not in a good position right now, but maybe you can take advantage of it with the buff that Thori’belore recently received. This is an aggressive deck that takes advantage of inflicting damage to its minions to buff the hand or the board. You can get powerful lethals with Olgra but if you already have to damage your minions on the board, it makes you an easy target for control decks. Not a deck I would choose

I hope I have given you some perspective with this analysis of the decks available for new and returning players, remember that these are personal opinions based on the meta situation, in the end, it all depends on how you feel about playing them and which one you feel most comfortable with. Remember something also, there is no perfect deck or invincible deck, even if you choose one, the chances of losing a game are also based on your playing skill and RNG.

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