Free2Play: More Value Out of Hearthstone

This article is especially for those who use Hearthstone as a free-to-play player and want to get cards and decks for free.

Because having good cards for good decks also means having fun and being able to move up the ladder.

And this is preferable with a deck of his favorite class.

There are several ways to do this.

You can find them both inside and outside the game.

Inside the game

To build decks, you need cards. You get cards from packs. And packs can be obtained in different ways.

The most direct way is to go to the store, where you pay 100 gold per pack. It is recommended to always use packs of the latest expansion.

The second way to get packs and cards is through the Rewards Track, which is renewed with each expansion.

The free part of the Rewards Track for every new expansion includes packs from that expansion, Standard Packs, random Epic cards, random Legendary cards, Golden cards, and Tavern Tickets for the Arena mode, where you also can get packs, gold, and dust from. You also get a new card back, and a lot of gold, of which you can get more the more you play and move forward on the track. There also could be Golden cards. For finishing the Rewards Track and reaching Level 100, you get to choose from one of 10 returning Hero Skins.

Purchasing the Tavern Pass would be the only thing I could recommend to buy here because it will immediately give you a 10% XP Boost and additional ones (15% and 20%) later. 

As you progress along the paid part of the Tavern Pass during the expansion, you can also earn a Diamond Legendary card, other Golden cards, Signature cards, a new cosmetic coin, and a card back plus a hero skin for each class as well as additional Packs.

In the picture below you can see the first levels of the paid part of the track on top and of the free part on the bottom.

Free to Play Rewards Track

And in the previous description of the Rewards Track, there was already a hint on how to generate gold for packs. With XP.

With these XP you advance on the Rewards Track and thus earn the things contained there.

You get XP simply by playing, but also by completing daily and weekly quests.

Through the quests, you get a lot of XP. You can even optimize this by trading quests with less XP for a new quest with more XP using the arrow at the top right of the quest card.

For the daily quests, you always have only three slots free. Therefore, you should make sure to keep at least one slot free at all times so that you don’t waste any quests and thus the possible XP.

Free to Play Quests

The XP boost from the paid part of the Rewards Track gives you correspondingly more XP and faster progress on the track.

You can use the gold you earn to buy packs of cards in the shop to expand your card collection. 

Duplicate cards can be turned into dust and with this dust, you can create cards that you need to complete a special deck of your choice.

It is also important to know that about halfway through two expansions, a so-called mini-set appears that you can buy with gold. This costs 2000 gold and contains many new cards. This gold is usually well-invested.

So, it’s up to you to decide to possibly save your gold at some point for the upcoming mini-set.

Another way to get free packs is to play the Tavern Brawl starting every Wednesday. For the first game you win you get a Standard card pack.

From time to time there are also In-Game events where you can win free packs through special quests and other things like hero portraits.

Free to Play Events

Outside the Game

Being UpToDate outside of the game means taking a look at the official Hearthstone site ( now and then. Because almost all the information you’ve received so far in this article regarding the Rewards Track and the In-Game events can be found here.

There are also announcements about new expansions, mini-sets, and patch notes.

These patch notes can be important for you as well, because:

Here you may find announcements about the changes in cards in terms of their costs and/or stats.

(See the picture for an example how it looks like)

Free to Play Meta

Cards getting better or cheaper in terms of mana costs means they get buffed and cards getting worse or more expensive means they get nerfed. For Nerfed cards, you get the full Dust as a refund (instead of a small fraction of it). 

When you type “Refund” in the search field of the collection in Hearthstone, you can see the affected cards after the patch went live.

So, if possible, keep as many duplicate cards as you can in your collection to be well-prepared for those nerfs! 

Not only being UpToDate with the information but also keeping the client UpToDate is important. Not only in terms of stability and bug-fixing. 

Sometimes you even can get a free card just by logging in to Hearthstone. This is the case before a new expansion arrives. 

But, of course, the world of the Internet outside the game is not only the official site of Hearthstone.

You should also look around at other sites.

Because here you can find a lot of information about decks.

Find out about the best decks, what is currently being played, which decks are cheap in terms of dust, and so on.

You can then determine for yourself if you have the cards and/or the dust to play s and maybe set a goal for which cards you want to play for which decks.

Or you just want to have new ideas and inspiration.

Recommended sources for this information are the following sites (besides this HypeHorizen one of course):

On the hsreplay and Firestone sites, you will also find a very useful deck tracker with the possibility for collection synchronization, and where you can look for decks that fit your collection or are cheap to build.

It may be a bit of work to navigate through this sea of information, but I can only recommend doing so and finding the most important and useful things for you. It will take you further in playing Hearthstone and collecting cards.

You can of course find this content in a more compact form on X formerly known as Twitter.

Have a look around there and maybe start with my account, the official Hearthstone account, or anyone of the HypeHorizen Team members.


A few weeks before each new expansion, there are many giveaways of pre-order bundles happening on X / Twitter! Look out for it!


And finally, I want to show one more opportunity to get free packs:

With so-called Twitch drops. This means that by watching a certain channel or a channel from the Hearthstone category for a certain time, you can earn packs.

The prerequisite for this is that the Twitch account is connected to the account.

You can also find the announcements for such Drops events on X / Twitter or the official Hearthstone site. And of course, watching streams on Twitch is also a great way to get inspiration, information, gameplay strategies, and more for Hearthstone.

(My twitch:

That was a lot of information for you! But they will help you get better at Hearthstone. Be it playful or in terms of your card collection.

In conclusion, I would like to point out my video, which shows all this a little differently, and where you might find a few more things:

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