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Last week’s article talked about changing mindsets in order to give yourself a break. This week, we’re swinging the other way and looking at the importance of perspectives from a growth standpoint. Donald Rumsfeld once quipped:

We can apply the idea to our skill level. Our known knowns – our deck, what we could draw, our win conditions, etc. Our known unknowns – our next draw, our opponent’s hand, and so on. But how do we figure out our unknown unknowns. Those intangible things where you think you’re playing how you feel is optimally, you’re reviewing your plays, but you just can’t seem to progress. Enter in Coaching.

Coaching 101

Coaches are essentially analysts that can point out new perspectives to you that you might not discover on your own. They don’t always have to be highly skilled at the task at hand, but they need a firm understanding of advanced strategy and good communication skills to be able to relay that knowledge. Sometimes, playing with friends can lead to coaching. “Hey, you missed lethal there.” It is important to play with others and discuss what could have been done differently. Another tactic would be trying to play against players that are ranked higher than you. Whether through tournaments or practices, you would still need to solicit feedback from those players after.

Hiring a Coach

Another method to get that personalized analysis is to hire a coach. The proper hired coach can be worth every penny. There is also no harm in trying out a few different coaches to find one that resonates with you. There are many places you can go to get coaching. But, if you’re not sure – we have you covered. Our shop includes coaching sessions from our seasoned players. We have coaches in both games we currently support (Hearthstone and Teamfight Tactics). Stop on by the link below, and check it out. Get a fresh perspective on your gameplay.

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