GuyGrumpy To Do Featured Brawliseum Stream

At 1:00 PM EST today, GuyGrumpy will be going live for eight hours streaming the new Brawliseum. What makes this stream special? Well, he’ll be giving away some coins and HypeHorizen stickers, bring on a few special guests, oh, and did we mention the stream’s being promoted by Blizzard? Ya, it’s being featured in the Blizzard launcher; it’s hype!

What is a Brawliseum anyway?

Brȯ-lə-sē-əm (noun) – a rare event replacing the Tavern Brawl for a week in which players create a 30-card deck and are locked into using that deck until they either win the maximum amount of games, usually 12, lose three times, or forfeit that run. It’s typical the event charges 1,000 gold per entry and offers much better prizing than Arena. Ex. ‘Hey bro; did you see GuyGrumpy’s gonna be streaming Brawliseum for eight hours? I hope he gets 12 wins!’

Here’s Guy to further break down what Brawliseum’s all about.

“I’ve been practicing a bunch of different tournament-style decks over the last week on stream tryna prepare for it. And then I’ve invited a bunch of special guests to walk me through or do a little bit of coaching to see if I can’t improve my game and win a few. So shortly after I start at [1:00 PM EST], I’ve got LiquidOx joining me, at [4:00 PM EST] I’ll have Alkali Layke, at [6:30 PM EST] Cantelope will join me, [7:00 PM EST] FunkiMonki will join me, [8:00 PM EST] Pocket_Aces and [9:00 PM EST] DmoneyGames.”

GuyGrumpy said that although it’s going to be hard to time what decks he plays and when, he’d like to at least play some Rogue with Pocket_Aces and maybe some Libram Paladin with FunkiMonki. He also said he didn’t want to tease much but “there will be Murlocs.”

This will be the second time GuyGrumpy streams for eight hours and the first time he doesn’t do it “by accident.” He said he’s excited about what the opportunity means for himself and HypeHorizen.

“The experience is, as a whole, just super exciting to me. The opportunity to be featured is obviously something small streamers have always looked for. Getting to play with some of my friends and HypeHorizen teammates that are considerably better than me should help me perform better… I’m also really excited for the opportunity for HypeHorizen. It gives us, with me being one of the founders of HypeHorizen, some visibility which builds some of that credibility on the team in general. And then it allows me to feature some of our teammates in a form where they might get different audiences.”

GuyGrumpy also wanted to shout out his viewers for helping with his decks.

“All of my streams now feature playing with viewers. So I did have viewers jump in and help test out things as well or offer suggestions as to what they thought would be fun or powerful.”



Hi, I'm Fornari and I've been playing TFT since the day of release, peaking at 269th NA (nice) season two, and finishing either Diamond 2 or Master every season. I've been coaching for three years, including over a year of TFT coaching.

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