Hearthstone: Fun Decks You Have To Try!

Article written by SimonkeyIsland, published by Raindet.

The new patch 25.2.2 has been available since last Thursday. By now most people should probably have it installed. A lot of buffs and some nerfs came up with this patch. 

You didn’t have to be a great prophet to guess which decks were no longer playable or hardly playable. 

And which decks probably get a boost? With the nerf of Hunter’s Shockspitter and also the Quest of Demon Hunter those Archetypes have disappeared from the scene.

Yes, and the good Rogue just turned and thought “Then I’m Jackpot Rogue again!”. And continues to be playable at a very high level with a good win rate. But no better than all the decks of this article. So it will not appear here.

The decks presented here are those with the current highest win rate and are being played across all ranks in Hearthstone. 

Decks that are successful in the legendary ranks will be discussed later in particular. Otherwise, this article is intended to present the 5 best decks for all players in all ranks.

Please keep in mind that the database of played decks since the patch is not this high to make a final decision about how the meta is looking.

(Big Spell) Mage

The first deck is the well-known (Big Spell) Mage deck, which hasn’t changed at all. Mage underwent two card changes that did not affect the decks that are now played.The deck composition is the same.


Pelican Diver should of course be in the Maligen that progresses. Far Watch Post is not bad either and the Mailbox Dancer in connection with Barbaric Sorceress should be kept in mind!


(Enrage) Warrior

The second deck, who would have thought it, is a Warrior. Although 4 (!) of the Warrior’s cards have been buffed, none of them find their way into this deck. Have the wrong ones been improved?

Could be. I guess the hope here was to give a Control Warrior another chance.

But the Enrage Warrior probably just benefited from the downgrading of cards from other classes.


The cards that only cost one mana like Dredger Staff should always stay in your hand. Sanguine Depths and Anima Extractor are good keeps, too.


XL Beast Hunter

Well, and the third deck? What is particularly successful here is the good old XL Beast Hunter standing there with the same deck composition. Really nothing new. 


Batty Guest and Irondeep Trogg are a keep,depending on the opponent also Doggie Biscuit and Ramming Mount . So you are able to buff a minion on board with. As a 3 cost card Wild Spirits is a nice keep here, too. Perfect in combination with Spirit Poacher.


Imp Warlock

The changes to two of the Warlock’s cards had absolutely no effect on the deckbuilding. At least, as it looks at the moment. Nevertheless, the existing Warlock decks have become stronger overall, with Imlock still being the best deck.


You should always keep 1 or more 1-cost cards like Flame Imp and Flustered Librarian. Perfectly combined with Fiendish Circle and the location Vile Library. 


Pure Paladin

Pure Paladin underwent only one change in the last patch: Timewarden. But this card is hardly played or only in Dragon Paladin. Otherwise, this deck has also received an advantage due to the changes of the other classes / cards.


The cards you are looking to keep or to get are the 1-costs Knight of Anointment and Righteous Protector. Kotori Lightblade is good when you have Holy Spell to use with it. As a 3-cost, Stonehearth Vindicator is a very good keep.


In (higher) Legend, the above decks are very good performing, too. And if you are missing Rogue: 

Yes, it maybe is annoying to play against Jackpot Rogue and its winrate is definitely positive, but just not that good so that it should be part of this article.

But there is one additional deck you should know:

Evolve Shaman

Do you miss the manacheat of Druid or Rogue? Then the Evolve Shaman is your deck! Joking aside (or not). The deck performs really well. Of course, this is somewhat dependent on the RNG of the Evolve mechanic.


Because you wanna evolve your minions, you should of course keep Muck Pools. Schooling is especially nice against Aggro decks. Prescience, although it costs 4 mana, is good to have on hand. And if you are playing against a Deathrattle deck like Undead Priest, you should also keep Primordial Wave.


Stay Hype!

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