Hearthstone Meta Report – December 11

The Hearthstone Meta is dominated by Demon Hunter and players are looking for hard counters to the class.Social media has been vocal about a need for a balance change. The statistics are taken from HSReplay with filters Legend Rank 1,000 or better. As we can see here, DH is taking up about 28% of the Meta.

Half of the most played cards in the game appear from the Demon Hunter class. Decks are starting to appear just to counter the top dog. According to statistics from HSReplay Whirlkick Rogue has a 71.4% Win Rate v Aggro Demon Hunter and ETC Control Warrior a 63.2%. Secret Rogue winrate of 62.8% verse Demon Hunter makes it a viable counter to the class. Here’s a couple common Demon Hunter decks, and some generic counters as brought to you from HSReplay.net. Aggro DH loses to Whirlkick/Secret Rogue, as well as ETC Control Warrior and Soul Demon Hunter. Soul Demon Hunter gets taken out by Paladin and Big/Clown druid. We’ve included a few decks here for your consideration, courtesy of HSReplay.net.

Tier Demon Hunter: December 11 Hearthstone Meta

Tier Anti-Soul Demon Hunter: December 11 Hearthstone Meta

Tier Anti-Aggro Demon Hunter: December 11 Hearthstone Meta

Will we continue to see the domination of Demon Hunter? Are you prepared for the nerfs that appear to be incoming? Hopefully we will find out soon! Until next week.
– HypeHorizen


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