Hearthstone Meta Report – July 15

On the Horizen – your streamer-powered Meta Report providing you with the freshest decks on a weekly basis. The following is brought to you by Raindet. Data is gathered through own game experience, opinions are my own. 

Meta Overview 

Each day the new expansion is coming closer, and slowly new archetypes are being revealed. In 2.5 weeks we’ll get a fresh start into the meta, so keep an eye on all the new cards here.


Here are the best decks to play right now and decks to have fun with.

Tier 1: Best decks in current meta, guaranteed playable in legend

Tier 2: Decks to climb the ranks

Tier 3: Can be used for climbing, but consider taking the risk

Tier 1 (VERY GOOD)

An overall pretty good deck (64%), Mulligan cheap minions and Saber + Collector.

A good follow-up, this deck is mostly used for climbing diamond 5 – Legend. Keep cheap mechs + portal, try to find Shark into lots of cheap mechs.

Tier 2 (Good for Climbing)

Same thing: Keep cheap stuff and Barbaric + expensive Spells; Balinda.

It’s all about Prestor.

Mulligan cheap mechs into Bubblebot.

Look for early piranhas, murlocs and Wildpaw Cavern.

Tier 3 (Can climb, but harder)

Expect long games, look out for cards you can play on curve, aligned with the questline. Wincon: Shard, or constantly clear your opponents board until they concede.

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Closing Thoughts Currently, every single deck on this list goes with above 55% Winrate, and these are the decks that are the most enjoyable, too. Enjoy

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