Hearthstone Meta Report – June 10


On the Horizen provides you with the best standard meta report each friday, offering you great decks to climb the ranks or just have fun. But not only that: HypeHorizen members can publish other content on here, so keep your eyes on that! Today you get an insight on how good the meta actually is, brought to you by Raindet!

Disclaimer: The following data is only recapping that week’s meta and is based on open source information and personal experiences. Deck winrates are variables, the author does not have any responsibility for slight differences in winrates.

Meta Overview

It has been one week since the new miniset “Throne Of The Tides” dropped, bringing a total of 35 new cards into the game. The currently most played classes DH, Rogue, Warrior and Paladin got good cards in addition to already existing decks, but also the other classes became more playable, too.

DH had the most profit of the miniset, as the buff of Xhilag from the Abyss in combination with Caria Felsoul made Fel DH stronger than ever, with an overall winrate of nearly 60%.

With this deck and Control Warrior being the most consistent one, there is also a quite inconsistent deck. Jackpot Rogue sees a lot of play now, but as it mostly depends on random, its winrate barely reaches 50%.

The meta remains less aggressive and board orientated with potential to being more control over time.


Here are the best decks to play right now and decks to have fun with. Most of the given decks run at least one of then new cards.

Tier 1: Best decks in current meta, guaranteed playable in legend
Tier 2: Decks to climb the ranks
Tier 3: Can be used for climbing, but consider taking the risk

Tier 1

Naga DH is one of the best decks right now, and there are many different versions of this deck, here’s the best (59%)

Mulligan: Slitherspear, Vanguard, Sigil, Multistrike, Fossil vs Control: Sigil + any draw, Caria, Kurtrus

Control Warrior is also very good, beats everything except DH in most cases. Personally, this deck got me from 1200 to 400 on the legend rank. In my case I did a 64% winrate, the overall one is 57%:

You want to play at least 20 games with this deck to kind of learn how to play that, but you always mulligan From the Depths. If vs Aggro: keep Bucker + Shatter for a mass clear.

Just buff your minions, buff the Smite for the win. The deck is very cool, I got my legend with that one.

Tier 2

Mech Paladin as an overall good deck to climb (57%):

Mulligan cheap mechs, Azsharan Mooncatcher + Seafloor Savior for the win. It’s that easy!

This is also an aggro deck, but it can be inconsistent in the aspects of draw and buffs. You can easily be overwhelmed by other quick decks.

Tier 3

You might be surprised, why I placed Jackpot Rogue down here, but I think we can agree that there’s a lot of random involved, so this deck is more of a fun deck (52%):

You always want to keep your Swiftscale Trickster and the Jackpot!, also Prep + Vessel.

Have fun!

Closing Thoughts/ Meta Forecast

The meta is still changing, there always be new decks, but right now every class sees play somehow, so the meta is in a good spot. As I already mentioned, some decks require a bit more skill, but once you master them, you’ll be unstoppable! 

We might see a control meta soon, so enjoy as long as you can!

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