Hearthstone Meta Report – June 17


On the Horizen provides you with the best standard meta report each week, offering you great decks to climb the ranks or just have fun. But not only that: HypeHorizen members can publish other content on here, so keep your eyes on that! Today you get an insight on how good the meta actually is, brought to you by Raindet!

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Disclaimer: The following data is only recapping that week’s meta and is based on open source information and personal experiences. Deck winrates are variables, the author does not have any responsibility for slight differences in winrates. 

Meta Overview

The big patch with many different nerfs was released yesterday. The nerfs included mostly Warrior, but also other classes including Demon Hunter, Paladin, Mage and Rogue got nerfed too. 

Standard changes:  23.4.3 Patch Notes

The meta is currently very unpredictable, so there’s a high variety of decks playing and performing quite well. This is your time to create YOUR deck and have fun with it on ladder, without even losing a lot of ranks! In this report, you will get deck suggestions, and next Friday, you’ll get decks from the formed meta.


Here are the best decks to play right now and decks to have fun with. Most of the given decks run at least one of the new cards. 

Tier 1: Best decks in current meta, guaranteed playable in legend

Tier 2: Decks to climb the ranks

Tier 3: Can be used for climbing, but consider taking the risk 

Tier 1

Mulligan: any Naga, Pride, Buffs

Mulligan: Slitherspear, Vanguard, Sigil, Multistrike, Fossil vs Control: Sigil + any draw, Caria, Kurtrus

It’s pretty much just an aggro deck, so keep all the cheap cards and win!

Tier 2

Mech Paladin as an overall good deck to climb (57%):

Mulligan cheap mechs, Azsharan Mooncatcher + Seafloor Savior for the win. It’s that easy!

Mulligan: Keep cheap minions and cards to buff, like Saidan or Mooncatcher.

Keep Deepwater Evoker and AoE.

No Tier 3, as all decks are fun and have a good winrate.

Closing Thoughts/ Meta Forecast

The meta has not reached its final form yet, so expect many different, new decks. Enjoy!

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