Hearthstone Meta Report – June 24


On the Horizen – your streamer-powered Meta Report providing you with the freshest decks on a weekly base. The following is brought to you by Raindet, featuring DracoCatt, Hattrik, Ecore100 and their opinion on the meta.

Meta Overview

The Balance Patch changed the current meta a lot more than expected, as new, surprising archetypes got their chance to prove themselves. Talking about these, Big Mage, a fun deck back in the day, appeared stronger than ever. There is a lot of randomness involved in the current meta, nevertheless Mage and other classes are quite
consistent and reliable for climbing.

“I really enjoy the meta! I like how aggro has its footing again due to
the control warrior nerf. You don’t need to build a lean deck that’s
able to chew through 60 health in armor so there’s a lot of room to
punish greedy strategies.”

“Without control decks and armor (basically just control warrior) Fast paced
OTK decks have become more prominent which I am not a fan of. […] Overall
I think the meta is fine but [I] lowkey liked certain aspects more in
the Warrior Dominated meta (although I DO THINK some of the things they
nerfed were good).”

In my opinion, the current meta is healthy, as we have the opportunity to play and win with almost every deck.

Best Decks

The following are good decks that perform well in the aspects of climbing ladder, categorized in: Tier 1- great; Tier 2- alright; Tier 3- fun.

Tier 1

The first deck is brought to you by DracoCatt, a Demon Hunter, of course. He peaked on rank 155 with an incredible winrate of 65% (40-22).

Mulligan: Vanguard, Fossil, DPG, Okani. Never keep hero, Jace, Xhilag.

Next is the long awaited Big Spell Mage, first played and peaked by habugabu.

The deck is quite simple. you want to cheat out expensive spells on the early stages of the game with the help of Balinda Stoneheart and Barbaric Sorceress.

Mulligan: Ram, Balinda/Sorceress (never both), Mailbox, Evoker.

Holy Paladin is on the top 3 decks, in Hattrik’s opinion.

“DH, Mage, Holy Paladin seem to be the best decks” -HattriK

Keep draw, heal and any Cariel.

Tier 2

Next deck is created and peaked by Hattrik.

Some things just never change, Murloc Shaman also remains good.

You want to draw your Gnolls ASAP, and cast expensive spells early. Tess and Stash will help you multiplying your resources used throughout the game.

Tier 3

There’s no bad decks at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll get something here. Watch out!

Closing Thoughts

The meta feels very good right now, I enjoy playing it alongside many others. Nevertheless I’d like to see some changes in the future, as the factor randomness annoys me.

-Raindet https://twitch.tv/raindet

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