Hearthstone Meta Report – May 6

Introduction – Hearthstone Meta Report – May 6

This week’s meta report examines trends that are currently shaping up at the top of the legend ladder. It also considers competitive Hearthstone & decks that are showing promise there will also be showcased. Please mind how decks are tagged since being successful in the competitive meta doesn’t necessarily translate to ladder success.

Meta Overview by Falular

In the days following Masters Tour Voyage to the Sunken City (April 29th – May 1st) Aggro Demon Hunter, Control Warrior & Quest Hunter remain strong & present – these are still the decks to beat.

The meta is far from figured out though as many players are beginning to realize that the Year of the Hydra has a lot to more to offer:

On ladder Galvangar is making a comeback, returning to the warrior class in new form while warlock, one of the least represented classes in the meta so far, is finding it’s place with a fatigue build. Boar priest is a rising star & arguably the best deck in the game right now while druid has returned to Celestial Alignment to re-assert itself at the top of the meta. Lastly, paladin & mage are finding success with a myriad of builds as rogue continues to doddle near the bottom.

In competitive Hearthstone, the predictable quest hunter is becoming an easy target for many different lineups & deck builds while aggro demon hunter continues to be near unbeatable.

This Week in Hearthstone by ZombiesGoNomNom

Most notably we have a new patch coming! Watch the Video for Meta Reports and Community News

Best Decks

The best deck for all ranks remains Aggro Demon hunter. Expect every other deck here to perform differently depending on the meta of your mmr. Also please take into account that some of these decks are incredibly difficult to pilot & might show poor win-rates despite their success at the hands of top players.

Tier 1

Deck Code by @Norwis135

Deck Code by @harapeco_HS

Tier 2

Deck Code by @MeatiHS

Tier 3

Deck Code by @Leta_HS

Tournament Viable Decks

Deck Code by @Furyhunterhs


Although many feared that a rock-paper-scissors meta might form at the onset of the new month, it turns out there’s still much left to explore: Decks keep evolving at a steady pace as counters (& counters to counters) keep popping up. In addition, entirely new deck builds arise as their dominant bad matchups fall from grace, feeding the whirlpool that is the Sunken City meta.

Meta Overview by Falular and This Week in Hearthstone by ZombiesGoNomNom


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