Hearthstone Meta Report – November 13

Introduction | November 13 Hearthstone Meta
Welcome to On the Horizen, your one-stop-shop for everything to know about the current standard meta provided by members of the Hype Horizen team themselves! Every Friday you can expect a detailed report on the meta as a whole and some tips for how to maneuver through it. This will also be a hot spot for other articles written by team members. PLEASE NOTE: All information is based on personal experience + personal statistics gathered through many hours of high-level gameplay.

Meta Overview | November 13 Hearthstone Meta
The meta leading up to the new expansion Madness at the Darkmoon Faire has remained quite similar to prior weeks. This week however, we see a few “different” decks performing well at the top ranks. It makes me feel like a lot of people are tired of playing the same old decks, and just want to get back into standard in preparation for the new set.

Best Decks | November 13 Hearthstone Meta
It is safe to say there are a lot of solid options when choosing a deck for ladder. Rogue has gained a lot of popularity in high legend this past week, mainly Highlander and Galakrond. The amount of generation and value in Rogue lets it compete with virtually any deck.

Tier 1: November 13 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 2: November 13 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 3: November 13 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 4: November 13 Hearthstone Meta

Closing Thoughts | November 13 Meta Report
This expansion being the last of the year means that there will be the most cards in the standard pool, thus more decks to build. I hope you are brushing up on your ladder skills as the expansion gets closer, reserving a great rank to play a new meta against competitive players.
Here is a list of the decks I’ve theorycrafted so far: https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/user/dmoneygames/
Daniel “Dmoney” Brandman


Hi my name is Daniel. I have been playing Hearthstone since the closed beta. I've played mostly every season hitting legend every season I've participated in.

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