Hearthstone Meta Report – October 29

This is going to be the only list you need for the best decks in Hearthstone. This will be based on legend gameplay, legend statistics, and personal experience that lead to some dark horse decks. The idea of this is to find decks that will are easiest to pick up and play and are good at all ranks. This might not reflect the power level of decks at the highest (or lowest) ranks but these are the ones that are great if you are climbing through gold to diamond.

Meta Overview

Thanks to the release of Hearthstone’s new game mode ‘Mercenaries’ the release date of the upcoming mini-set has been delayed by almost a month, but we can now safely say that it will be here next Tuesday (2nd). Due to this, the meta remains rather stale and solved. The meta at least seems to be relatively balanced with the exception of Garrote Rogue and Quest Demon Hunter which stand out as the top 2 decks currently in standard.

Best Decks

Personally, I believe after Garrote Rogue and Quest Demon Hunter comes numerous tier 2 decks which are all viable in climbing the ranked ladder. Some of these include Face Hunter, Quest warlock, Aggro Druid, Elemental Shaman and Libram Paladin. Poison Rogue has seen an increase in play due to its favorable matchup into quest decks such as Quest Demon Hunter and Quest warlock as well as being able to hold its own against some weaker Garrote Rogue draws. There are many other playable decks depending on your pocket meta which you can see below.

Tier 1: October 29 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 2: October 29 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 3: October 29 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 4: October 29 Hearthstone Meta

Closing Thoughts

In my opinion the current meta is well balanced and has a lot of replayability. The problem is we have played in this meta for so long that we are saying that the meta is bad. We are all in desperate need of the mini-set and hopefully the announcement is right around the corner. It seems everyone has their one deck that they really hate whether it be Garrote Rogue, Face Hunter or Quest Mage etc. So, until the mini-set we will all play our hated decks’ counter and bm emote until our heart is content. Good luck on ladder and see you when mini-set drops.



I have been playing video games since before most of you were born, starting with Colecovision and an Atari 2600. Before esports were around, I played Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear at the highest competitive level. Now a father thrice over, I spend some of my extra time streaming games like Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and most recently Fortnite.

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