Hearthstone Meta Report – September 11

On The Horizen – Hearthstone Meta Report September 11

Welcome to On the Horizen, your one-stop-shop for everything to know about the current standard meta provided by members of the Hype Horizen team themselves! Every Friday, you can expect a detailed report on the meta as a whole, and some tips for how to maneuver through it. This will also be a hotspot for other articles written by team members. PLEASE NOTE: All information is based on personal experience and personal statistics gathered through many hours of high level gameplay.

Introduction | September 11 Hearthstone Meta Report

This week is brought to you by DreadEye, a practice partner of the Hype Horizen competitive team for Masters Tour Montreal, and consistently high-legend player.

Meta Overview| September 11 Hearthstone Meta Report

The nerfs have had an impact on the meta. Most notably, Darkglare’s change to refresh only one mana on damage has left warlock struggling to find a place. Rogue’s refill (and winning percentage) took a slight hit with the Secret Passage change (now replacing your hand with 4 cards instead of 5). The Cabal Acolyte change (4 health instead of 6) hasn’t been as impactful, since Priest was using it more for the effect, anyway.

With the fall of zoo warlock, control decks (such as Malygos Druid and Tortollan Mage) have risen to the top. Rogue still holds its position in the meta – but has switched to a secret hybrid that is showing great performance on HSReplay.net. Face Hunter is another deck that has seen more play recently, as the secret package of Freezing Trap and Pressure Plate are used as counters to the Druid’s use of Guardian Animals. Tempo Mage and Bomb Warrior are two other solid decks that have seen more play since the balance changes.

Best Decks| September 11 Hearthstone Meta Report

Although highlander priest and bomb warrior were the two most common decks brought to the Grandmasters so far, hey might not be as good as before due to the increase in popularity of Face Hunter, Malygos Druid, and Tortollan Mage. At the moment, there is no clear “best deck.” Below is the tier list based on my stats and personal predictions:

Tier 1 | September 11 Hearthstone Meta Report

  1. Bomb Warrior


  2. Malygos Druid


  3. Tortollan Mage


  4. Secret Rogue


Tier 2 | September 11 Hearthstone Meta Report

  1. Galakrond Priest


  2. Survival Druid


  3. Cyclone Mage


  4. Soul DemonHunter


  5. Stealth / Weapon Rogue


  6. Face Hunter

    Tier 3

  7. Highlander Hunter


  8. Totem Shaman


  9. Highlander Priest


  10. Aggro DemonHunter


  11. Libram Paladin

    Tier 4

  12. Big Warrior


  13. Highlander Mage


  14. Galakrond Warlock

Closing Thoughts | September 11 Hearthstone Meta Report

Recently, I have seen a huge increase in Tortollan Mage and Face Hunter on high ladder, while I’ve seen a slight decrease in Malygos Druid. Bomb Warrior and Highlander Priest are still common.

The meta is still at an unstable stage. As of now, it’s leaning more toward control than aggro. I hope that everyone will have great fun exploring the set and grabbing that Legend #1 crown!



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