Hearthstone Meta Report – September 18

Introduction | September 18 Hearthstone Meta

Welcome to On the Horizen, your one-stop-shop for everything to know about the current standard meta provided by members of the Hype Horizen team themselves! Every Friday, you can expect a detailed report on the meta as a whole, and some tips for how to maneuver through it. This will also be a hotspot for other articles written by team members. PLEASE NOTE: All information is based on personal experience and personal statistics gathered through many hours of high-level gameplay. This week is brought to you by LiquidOx.

Meta Overview | September 18 Hearthstone Meta

Following the recent patch, not much has changed. Priest remains as strong as ever (it even gained a 5 fake armour buff), Warlock seemed weak early on but less than a week later Norwis hit rank 1 legend with his zoo warlock list (still running darkglare). And as for secret passage? Well it is still 1 mana draw 4 cards it cannot be that bad. Recently we have also seen the rise of Face Hunter, a budget aggressive deck which shapes up well in this meta. Both forms of druid remain strong, alongside bomb warrior and Tempo Mage at the top of the meta. The meta does seem super aggressive however making Soul Demon Hunter also a great pick now.

Tier 1 | September 18 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 2 | September 18 Hearthstone Meta

Tier 3 | September 18 Hearthstone Meta

Closing Thoughts | September 18 Hearthstone Meta

In conclusion the actual decks that are seeing play on ladder have not changed much but the popularity of them has shifted. Aggro has become more prominent so my pick would be soul DH for this week however all the decks listed above are viable for climbing for sure. Good Luck on the climb!

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