Hearthstone Rotation 2023

Blizzard has already made the announcement of the announcement β€”and as expected, the new expansion will appear in early April.

However, the upcoming expansion not only brings new cards into the game, but also begins a new Hearthstone year. 


The Year of the Hydra will end and the three sets from the Year of the Gryphon of 2021 will rotate out.

This concerns the sets

β€” Forged in the Barrens

β€” United in Stormwind

β€” Fractured in Alterac Valley

To be more specific:

The cards will not disappear completely, of course. Instead, they move to the wild format.

The rotation applies only to Standard.

What is the impact on our beloved card game?

The above-mentioned three sets hide a lot of special cards, namely in the form of Hero cards and Quest line cards. Here are some examples:

In fact, All heroes and quests will disappear.

And if you look at them like this, you will easily see that this will have a massive impact on the creation of upcoming decks and the meta, of course.

Just think of the absence of Wildheart Guff

And archetypes like Ramp Druid, Big Spell Mage, Fel Demon Hunter, and Bless Priest will no longer appear, at least in their current form.

Now, there are some (so far) unknown factors in this rotation.

This concerns not only the cards that are deleted or added with the new expansion.

It is expected that the core set will change as well.

In particular, I would like to mention Brann Bronzebeard, which may be removed from the set.

At least that’s what we’ve been reading from some tweets from the Hearthstone developers.

If not already by the change of the cards of the three mentioned expansions a big change of the decks happens, then by the banishment of Brann from the core set, still another impactful change comes.

In addition to the announcement of the new expansion, at least as far as the name is concerned, we can also expect news from blizzard regarding the core sets in the next few days.

As always, there will be new reveals of certain cards every day after the announcement.

It is definitely exciting to see if there will be new hero cards, including one for the new Death Knight class, and if a new mechanic will probably be introduced.

And one thing should also be said here:

For players who only play in Standard and can undoubtedly do without the cards that rotate out, this means nothing more than a massive increase in their dust account.

And with it, the possibility to craft new cards that will appear with the next expansion, if you didn’t get all the cards by buying pre-order sets or packs with gold.

Special look on some cards

In this part of the article, I would like to go into a little more detail about the changes that will occur as a result of the new year. Related to decks in standard format.

Just showing these images of cards you can see below that will soon be unavailable (if they don’t move to the core set) should make you go “Wow, I didn’t know that!”.

Looking at them, you realize a little better what the impact is going to be.

Effects are to be expected.

Take a look at them and let them affect you.

It is quite likely that many of these cards are in one of your decks that you are currently playing or have played recently.


Looking at the classes and decks, we already know that

  • Rogue will soon be without Edwin, Defias Kingpin and Contraband Stash.
  • Big Spell Mage will be left by the Dawngrasp(s), Drakefire Amulet and Rune of the Archmage
  • Aggro Druid without Pride’s Fury, and especially Ramp Druid without Guff and Scale of Onyxia is strange.
  • Paladin won’t be left without wounds either. Hero Lightforged Cariel with Immovable Object plus Cariel Roame will leave. 
  • And Demon Hunter without Kurtrus and Jace Darkweaver is hard to imagine.
  • Warlock left alone by Tamsin Roame and Dreadlich Tamsin? Wow.
  • Hunter will have to do without Beaststalker Tavish and Wing Commander Ichman.
  • Wait, a Priest without Xyrella, Radiant Elemental or Bless?

And there are a lot of other cards going to leave standard.

These, for example:

Mutanus, Irondeep Trogg and Celestial Alignment.

Are you happy to see them leaving? Maybe.

They’ve just recently been added with the introduction of the new Death Knight class with the latest expansion..

Regarding the normal rotation, Death Knight is not affected at all and can surely lean back.

Final Thoughts On Hearthstone Rotation 2023

Looking at all these cards above triggers different feelings in everyone.

Some are happy that these cards, some of which are too strong, can finally no longer be played. Others find it a pity, because they liked these cards very much in their decks or used them as a basis for building their decks.

And of course the change of years is always a step into the unknown.

As with every expansion, there will be overpowered decks from day 1 that can be used to climb the ladder very quickly.

Provided you have the necessary cards.

Maybe there will be entirely new archetypes, maybe you’ll see the rebirth of older ones.

It will also be interesting to see where the focus of the development team will lie.

Will there continue to be (overly) strong cards with blatant mechanics?

Will there be any new mechanics? 

Will they come up with new quest lines for the classes?

What impact will RNG have again after for example Rune of the Archmage will rotate out and Evolve Shaman has arrived at the bottom of the tier list with the nerfing of Goldshire Gnoll?

What about decks that use Prince Renthal to have more cards and health?

Will there be new possibilities to use this?

One or the other surely has more and different question marks in his mind.

Why not share them with us?

You are always welcome to discuss the upcoming expansion and the rotation including their changes here in the comments or in our HypeHorizen Hearthstone forum on discord!

Use this link to get there:

But as always: Stay Hype!

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