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In Today’s interview, I’m featuring a legend. Alongside the roughly 11k followers on Twitch and Twitter, this woman from Belgium has made multiple appearances on official tournaments like the Masters Tours.

But BabyBear’s achievement list doesn’t end there. She’s also been featured on the Battle.net launcher.

I’m happy to introduce you to my 20 unique and personalised questions and BabyBear’s answers, enjoy!

First question, why did you start streaming?

I started streaming a couple of years ago because I liked watching other content creators and wanted to try it for myself as well.
I didn’t really feel comfortable playing on stream though and quit after only a few months. I recently started streaming again because I feel more confident as a player now and feel like my experience playing HS competitively has made me more assertive which definitely helps dealing with some stuff (female) streamers go through from time to time.

What is your favourite part about it?

My favourite part of streaming are the interactions with chat! I love just talking nonsense with viewers or laugh at my misplays or (un)lucky moments. Having people there to share those moments makes the whole experience so much more fun.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time apart from streaming/playing HS?

I like napping. 😀

I actually just like taking it easy and relax, taking time for myself and not doing too much. I used to work and commute for many hours a day and after a while it made me feel so depressed. I decided to make some changes to my lifestyle and just slow down. In my free time now I like learning about spirituality, alternative healing and other “hippy stuff” as my brother once called it. Besides that I like travelling, enjoying good food, reading and occasionally binge watch some tv shows. 

How did Jambre and you meet for the first time?

We met each other in real life for the first time in Paris last year. We already knew each other but never really interacted much online. We are both part of the same practice group Meester Tournee Oefen Groep and a lot of us were going to Paris to compete at this Lan event, so we decided to all hang out together. On the first night out Jambre and I started talking and as the weekend progressed we found each other always sitting next to each other in bars and restaurants, talking and having fun. On Monday when we all went home, Jambre messaged me saying he developed a crush on me. That’s how it all started.

Now this is very romantic y’all, Paris involved!

If you could learn any language, which one would it be and why?

Chinese! I really love learning new languages and used to spend a lot of time practising but lately I’ve been slacking haha. In school I learned Dutch, French, English and German. When I went to Uni in The Netherlands I decided to learn Frisian as well, it’s a minority language in The Netherlands and Germany. I don’t really use it anymore since I moved back to Belgium but every time I hear it it still makes me smile.

I also took evening classes to learn Chinese but the moment I stopped practising I forgot everything. Now I can only say short basic sentences. I would love to learn again and be consistent this time. I also tried learning Russian, Spanish and Turkish using Duolingo but found it hard to use that knowledge in everyday conversations so I just gave up and stopped using the app.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living in a van travelling the world. Hopefully with Jambre and maybe a dog. 🙂

In a couple of years I would like to buy a small house or cabin somewhere. I’m not sure where because I kind of want to leave Belgium but I’m not sure yet where I would want to live. Then once I bought the house I’d like to save up some money to get a van and start travelling more, while maybe renting out the place I bought.

If possible I’d still like to create content on social media, it’s something I really enjoy doing but maybe I’ll be “too old” for that.

What is your favourite constellation?

I really love stargazing and trying to learn about the stars and constellations I can see here in the night sky. One night Jambre and I drove to a field in the middle of nowhere to watch the stars together and he showed me some of the constellations, it was really nice (and romantic)!

I think my favourite constellation is Cassiopeia because I was named after it. My real name is Cassie. 🙂

What’s a thing you’d like to accomplish this month?

I want to set up my own YouTube channel and maybe try uploading a couple of videos already to see how everything works. I recently decided to try posting YouTube content as well, and not just focus on Twitch but it’s not easy because I have never edited videos before and am not completely sure yet what type of content would work best. There will be some trial and error for sure.

What chocolate do you like the most?

I prefer white chocolate or milk chocolate with hazelnut.

To which countries have you ever been?

I really love travelling so I have been to quite a few countries. Unfortunately haven’t been able to travel as much since Covid but hopefully that will change soon cause I still have a lot of countries on my bucket list.

So far I have travelled to: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, United States, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Next week I will visit Madeira (Portugal) for the first time.

Are you familiar with the game’s lore? Would you like to know more about it?

I’m not really familiar with the game’s lore. I never played World of Warcraft before I started playing Hearthstone and even after I started playing I never really learned much about the lore. Sometimes I see Twitter posts about the lore, especially right before new expansions come out and I love reading about it, but I don’t have the motivation to go and google it myself.

If you had to leave your house immediately, what one thing would you take with you?

Well some people call me crazy but I actually have an emergency bag prepared. If anything would happen I could just grab that bag and leave. It contains my passport, some cash money and clothes. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any of my stuffed animals or photos, so maybe I  should grab some of those too before I leave my house.

Do you have pets? (If no, which would you like to own?) 

Yes I do. I have a 15 year old Shiba Inu called Yuuki. We rescued him from a 

shelter about 8 years ago. At first he was really scared and it took a while for him to get used to us and his new environment. He didn’t know how to walk on a leash, climb stairs, get treats or anything like that. He didn’t even have a name. His previous owners kept dozens of dogs together outside their house under bad circumstances so animal protection services rescued the dogs. I’m glad he is doing much better now and living a happy doggo life!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

None because I don’t like watching science fiction tbh.

Happiest event in your life?

That’s a tough question! I don’t think there is just one event I would say is the happiest, but I do have a couple that I’d say are among the happiest ones. The first one is when I graduated from university after years of hard work, writing essays and giving presentations (which I really hate doing).

The second one is when I made it to the WESG Grand finals in China. I played multiple online qualifiers to make it to the top 8 playoffs in China. Once there I won my group and played semis the day after. I beat my opponent and then got to stay in China for one more week cause the grand finals weren’t till a week later. At the time of my qualification to the offline event, some people were spreading rumours about me being boosted by either a boyfriend (which I didn’t even had), or by team mates so I felt like I had to prove myself and it caused a lot of stress and anxiety. When I played the grand finals I felt like I had shown the haters that I could easily play and win my own games, and accomplish more competitively than they ever would.

Then last but not least, of course meeting Jambre! 

Favourite card from Hearthstone?

To be honest I really like random effects, adding random minions to your 

hand/board, evolving minions or casting random spells. Creating different outcomes every time you play the card.

Maybe that’s why I’m having so much fun playing Big Spell Mage at the moment. 😀

How is it like in Belgium? (Life, etc)

Personally I find it a bit boring haha. A lot of people here, especially in the area where I live, are kind of traditional when it comes to how to live your life. They think the perfect life is to go to school, then get a (normal – NOT CONTENT CREATION) job, get married, buy a house and have kids. I don’t want that life for myself, but feel judged for wanted something else. It makes it harder to fit in.

Besides that, I just like traveling and moving around, not being “stuck” in one place all the time. I easily feel at home anywhere, so I don’t really have anything that ties me to Belgium, except for my family living here.

Of course it’s not all bad here, we do have a pretty good healthcare and social security system, good food and beautiful cities and countryside. It’s definitely worth a visit! 😀

What kind of music do you enjoy?

I enjoy all kinds of music but my favourite genres are probably hardrock, (black) metal and country. My favourite artists include Hank Williams (and HW III), Johnny Cash, Wayne Hancock, Burzum, Darkthrone and of course the Spice Girls! 

Sushi or Burger?

Sushi! Especially California rolls and Dragon Eyes.

What is a question you are waiting for, but no one has asked yet? 

“Hello, I’m X from [insert big org], would you like to talk about representing our organisation?”

Jokes aside, I’ve been a free agent for a while and although I have not been actively looking for a new team, it is something I would consider in the future, especially when offline events come back. 

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