How To Obtain Legend – A Hearthstone Guide

The year 2022 comes to an end – and you are not Legend yet? If so, you have landed in the right spot, because I’m going to show you how to get the Legend Rank in 4 simple steps!

The Legend Rank is the highest rank possible to achieve for a player in the new ladder system, consisting out of the following “steps” Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and finally Legend. 

At the end of each season players will receive a so-called Star Bonus, which makes the climb in the new season significantly easier.

For those who haven’t obtained their first Legend yet, this is a hard grind and will require a lot of your time and patience. Success is the result of perfection, hard work and learning from failure. This quote is not about Hearthstone.  

Number 1: Deck Tracker

This might not be obvious to new players, so let’s make sure everyone does this. Get yourself the Hearthstone Deck Tracker from, a free tool that tracks your win rate with different hero classes and decks and provides an in-game overlay that shows you the cards you have and haven’t played during a match. 

It provides you with important information about the game and moreover, the Deck Tracker is allowed in most tournaments! If you know how to use it properly, you’ll have a huge advantage over someone who doesn’t. 

Number 2: Decks

It is important not to frequently change decks, as it can be costly in terms of dust and disenchanting cards. Instead, consider using a top-tier meta deck listed on the web, especially the ones we cover weekly on this website.

Disenchanting unnecessary golden cards can also help you quickly accumulate Arcane Dust to craft new decks. Playing quicker Zoo or Aggro decks can also be a good strategy, as they allow you to win matches more quickly before the late game when control decks may have an advantage.

If your deck’s win rate drops below 50%, you may need to consider changing it, especially after expansions that introduce new cards.

Furthermore, when choosing a deck, choose decks with a win rate above 50%, but remember that those statistics might not be the same for you. YOu might have a 65% win rate with a 52% win rate deck from 

Number 3: Mastering your deck

Before playing a new, unfamiliar deck, make sure to read one or two guides about this exact deck and watch well-ranked Legend players play it to understand everything about that deck. In other words, you should be able to play the deck blindfolded, knowing all possible combinations and powerful plays.

But just theoretical knowledge about the deck is not enough. You need to gather practical knowledge, so hit the play button a few times. Keep one thing in mind though, it can take ten to fifty games with one deck to start understanding and around one-hundred to master it and achieve pleasing results. 

Number 4: Game Plan/Execution

Every game without exception starts with the Mulligan. You get to choose which cards you want to keep or not. Just by watching streamers play your deck you will understand what the right Mulligan for your deck is. 

You have 75 seconds per turn to reflect and figure out the right play in the current situation. Don’t just make a powerful turn without thinking about the consequences, and always think two turns further.

If you play a combo deck, start doing the combo right away after your turn starts, otherwise you might not have enough time to execute your combination. Every deck has its own win condition, and you have to understand how you want to achieve it.

Additionally, you still can plan your next turn during your opponent’s turn! Do not procrastinate at that time. 

If you chose to play an aggressive deck, think about two things. Think about doing efficient trades (if doing any) and think how to play around mass board clear, while knowing when to take a risk. 

If you chose to play a control deck, be careful with your resources, as they are your main win condition against other control decks. You will simply win by out-valuing them. When playing against an aggressive deck, try to shut down early board spam. Sometimes you’ll have to take the risk of not using a board clear on a medium-big board, so you can clear more minions with one card.

 You’ll learn to evaluate decisions like those with experience. 

Whatever you’re doing, fully focus on the game and think! You won’t believe how good you’ll become after a while! 

Stay Hype!

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