HypeHorizen Welcomes TitoSantanaHS

HypeHorizen happily welcomes TitoSantanaHS into our ranks next! Tito is mostly a Hearthstone streamer that dips into a variety of content. He is a laid-back and entertaining streamer who loves to improve his skills in Hearthstone and also is responsible for the Bread and Butter podcast that looks to do just that!

His name was inspired by the 80’s wrestler Tito Santana. The name began to follow him when he was playing Baulder’s Gate and needed a username. Tito has been his name ever since and he carried it with him into streaming on Twitch.

About a year ago, Tito got into streaming after being diagnosed with ADHD in his late 40s. This was also around the time that he started the Bread and Butter Podcast where the aim is to improve in Hearthstone while helping others improve as well.

Tito looks up to DracoCat, another team member. They have helped give him someone to model his stream after, and are the reason they became Hype!

As a streamer, Tito has struggled with time management as he has a family and a variety of animals that he is responsible for. Having a schedule definitely comes in handy for him. For new streamers, Tito suggests just doing it! Things don’t have to be perfect, download OBS, set it up and just get out there! Don’t worry about results early on, it will take time and effort to grow, have fun, do your thing and enjoy it!

To Tito, Hype means community. He started streaming about a year ago, and after spending time in DracoCat’s stream, he met other members of HypeHorizen, including PandatasticMan! He goes on to say it’s been a fantastic experience and that members of Hype are kind and helpful.

You can find Tito online, most nights between 9 pm and 12 pm Eastern Time at https://twitch.tv/titosantanaHS 

Want to join our fantastic team? You can apply here!

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