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Blizzard usually announces when they are going to nerf cards. It gives us time to reflect and make predictions. However on January 8th, they dropped a patch on us with an hours notice. It’s a little out of the ordinary for Blizzard to come out of holiday hibernation and just drop a nerf patch out of nowhere. It made me think.

Wouldn’t it be a perfect time for a HypeHorizen prediction article? Immediately, I spoke to my sources deep within the organization (a.k.a. I asked them on Discord). Ecore, DMoney and Warshack were all happy to share their thoughts on the patch and its aftereffects. At the time of publish, their information is over a week old! I asked them about the state of the game each week over the 3 weeks. Here’s what they had to say:

Rating the patch, they all decided to use different systems. Dmoney called it “4/10, [it] has good changes, but not enough.” Ecore was the most positive about it and gave it a “B” rating, saying that “it didn’t need to be much,” due to the new mini-set releasing SOON(tm). Warshack called it “Lazy,” and thought there could have been some buffs to other classes that need some attention. While all of them were somewhat disappointed with the patch, they expect big things out of the mini-set.

High Legend, All Regions
High Legend, North America

All 3 HypeHorizen gurus were well aligned in saying the meta would remain fairly stale until the mini-set gets dropped. Rogue variants would be top tier all 3 weeks according to all of them. Dmoney also cited ETC Enrage Warrior as a deck that will shift forward. At a high level, we can see that warrior has slid into the top spot. In the ladder scene, Warshack felt that Face Hunter and Libram Paladin would fill the Evolve Shaman void. HSReplay is showing for Gold+ Ranks Highlander Hunter and Pure Paladin are the decks with the highest winrate, and the versions of Highlander Hunter have been very face oriented. With DMoney and Warshack being so close for each of their areas of expertise, it’s no wonder they do a podcast together!

Gold+, All Regions

When asked if any decks would start to come around after a cooling period, Warshack was the only one who had an affirmative answer. He thought Evolve Shaman would make a come back, as people realized it was not that bad off. We will have to see in the next week if he was right!

This all being said, the mini-set is on the way. At the time I asked, we all figured the mini-set would be dropping tomorrow. However, the leaked article has said the 21st. With no confirmation from Blizzard, all we can say about timing is SOON(tm). One thing is clear. All of the HypeHorizen peeps I spoke with thought that this mini-set would be a meta changer. Hang on to your hats, let’s hope they’re right.

Wait, that’s not all. What about Wild? The nerfs clearly didn’t impact Wild at all. In fact, Wild hasn’t seen any balance updates since … well, it’s been a long time. I asked our resident Wild Expert BattMasile about the state of the game in Wild. He had a video ready to go. I’ve linked it below, with some of our other relevant podcasts.

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