In Comparison – A deck before and after the expansion

Article written by SimonkeyIsland

It is over a week now that the new Hearthstone expansion March of the Lich King is live.

We see of course a lot playing the new Death Knight class and in this case predominantly the control blood variant because it seems to be the strongest one.

Some existing decks have barely changed and include not many of the cards from the new set, such as Bless Boon Priest

But what about an “old” deck and the differences to a new competitive one?

How many new cards have been integrated?

Does the deck play differently than before?

Are there new mechanics to consider?

All this will be discussed in this article by looking at the Ramp Druid.

This is not necessarily to become a deck guide where attention is paid to the mulligans, no.

We look especially at the differences between the two variants.

One thing should be sent in advance here:

The “old” list on the left  is from HSreplay and the new one on the right from @lunalovepls.

The cards removed from the left deck are framed in red, the new ones added to the right one in green.

Deckcode @lunalovepls:

We will begin with a card which had to automatically disappear from the deck because it was only added temporarily.

This is true for Spreading Plague from the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

And well, some cards would have to be removed because certain new cards are just better.

So: more Armor, more mana-cheating and synergies with Chitinous Plating, Crypt Keeper, Anub’Rekhan and Underking, buffing the deck with Lor’themar Theron

Plus the flexible wonder weapon (especially later with Brann Bronzebeard!) Astalor Bloodsworn.

You don’t play this deck much differently than the “older” one.

The first thing is to ramp and then you are quite flexible and can slowly (or quickly?) prepare lethal on board.

The deck has the ability to generate a lot of armor to survive longer (incl. the possible play of Chitinous Plating turn 2 and Crypt Keeper turn 3!) as well as “spend” the so far collected armor with Anub’Rekhan and put big / expensive minions on the field..

Yes, this is again the druid-typical mana-cheating, only a bit different.

Or maybe improved?.

So, to the next topic:

Which other cards had to make way for these mentioned above ones?

Well, first the probably weaker Dozing Kelpkeeper and Druid of the Reef.

But now it gets difficult:

Spammy Arcanist and Theotar, the mad Duke went out as well.

This is questionable. A boardclear tool and well, just Theotar (even after its nerf)?

But why not.

You have to think more about it, after looking at the (other) successful (annoying?) decks like Boon Bless Priest or the newer Deathrattle Rogue, if adding a silence card like Smothering Starfish or Attorney-at-maw wouldn’t have made sense here.

Which card(s) would you have to sacrifice for that?

It’s a tricky decision that may soon become easier to make as we watch the evolving meta.

And should we talk about what to do with the nerfed Sire Denathrius?

No, not this time.

In any case, the new Ramp Druid deck is very strong, including optimization potential and: the danger of being weakened soon with the nerf of Anub’ Rekhan.

Maybe already on the 20th december, when probably the new patch will be released?

Who knows.

But until then: have fun with the deck and: STAY HYPE!


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