In Focus: Theorycrafting decks – Death Knight

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Only a few days left until the new Hearthstone expansion will be released – March of the Lich King.

And as usual – there is a lot of theorycrafting going on!

Of course, they focus on the upcoming new class – Death Knight – with its new and unique cards and class deckbuilding mechanic: Runes.

(For details go here: New Expansion explained)

There are definitely a lot of possibilities and combinations.

We will focus on “pure” decks this time, so Frost, Blood, and Unholy ones.

Death Knight will definitely be a strong class and will get played a lot at the beginning.

But there are so many deck building varieties, meaning no one can predict what the best deck will be and how decks of other classes will “react” on.

And one thing you have to know: In the theorycrafting streams, it was mandatory to use at least 10 new cards of the March of the Lich King expansion.

So, let’s have a look at possible new Death Knight decks! (In theory)

Frost Death Knight

A lot of frost is coming up with this deck from SuperiorDavid!

Frozen minions on the opponent’s side and huge damage to make from your side.

SuperiorDavid’s Triple Frost Death Knight 

Blood Death Knight

MeatiHS is showing us a Triple Blood Control Blood Death Knight deck here with many heals and clears!

Meatis Triple Blood Control Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight

This could result in a token variant of the Death Knight as OldGuardian shows us with his deck here, where especially Lord Marrowgar could be an awesome tool to get a huge board in late game.

Old Guardian’s Triple Unholy Token

Maybe you got some inspiration from these decks and will build your own ones!

Everything will change on Dec. 6th when the new Hearthstone March of the Lich King expansion will arrive.

Until then: Have fun! And STAY HYPE.


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