TNTHYPE Side Events | Win Card Packs!

📢 Join TNTHYPE Side Events and Win Card Packs! 🎮🎁

🔥 Are you ready for an exhilarating gaming experience? Introducing TNTHYPE Side Events, the ultimate challenge for Hearthstone players of all levels! This is your chance to shine and claim rewards.

🌟 How does it work? It’s simple!

1️⃣ Sign up for a Mobius account: Visit the website and create your Mobius account to get started. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll unlock a world of exciting opportunities.


2️⃣ Set up a Mobius activity and win card packs! Create a 4 person best of three (B03) Single elimination activity on the Mobius platform and just play! Every individual who wins in a 4 person activity will receive 2 card packs! Prizes also stack, so the more you play the more you can earn. 

3️⃣ Start your own event: Take the reins and become the mastermind behind your very own TNTHYPE Side Event. Set the rules, invite your friends or fellow gamers, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled battle.

4️⃣ Compete for glory: Show off your skills and strategy as you face off against other passionate gamers in the TNTHYPE Side Events. Rise to the top and prove yourself as the ultimate champion.

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Winner announced in the HypeHorizen Discord on July 22, 2023. To claim your prize you must be a HypeHorizen Discord Member as well as have a Mobius Account.

🏆 Claim your rewards: Winners of each TNTHYPE Side Event will be rewarded with exclusive card packs! These packs hold the key to unlocking powerful game enhancements and rare collectibles. But that’s not all…

⚡️ Don’t miss out on the action! TNTHYPE Side Events are happening throughout the TNTHYPE season. Join the gaming revolution and take your gaming skills to new heights.

👉 Visit our website and create your Mobius account today to start your TNTHYPE Side Event journey. Prepare for epic battles, exhilarating victories, and a chance to claim amazing card packs!

🎮 TNTHYPE Side Events: Where gamers become legends. Let the games begin! 🔥

Join the Mobius Discord Here – Mobius Discord Invite


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