Making a Wilder Wild

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you may not be aware that Hearthstone is undergoing some massive changes. One of which includes the reversion of about 30 nerfed cards. A lot of these will be cards that were in Standard, but are now rotating, however there are a few surprises. Clearly, if there is any lasting impact, it will be felt in Wild over time. Let’s go over a few of the crazy things that is going to make for a Wild Ride.

Nerf Reversion Standard
For 5 days in standard, the re-buffed cards are going to reappear in Standard. That means Galakrond Shaman/Warlock/Rogue are all back. Starting March 25th, this 5 day period is going to be crazy. If you remember how good Gala Shaman was, think how much better it will be with Diligent Notetaker. Highlander Hunter is going to make a comeback as well, with Brann dropping mana at the door. Dragon Queen Alexstraza also gets her 0 drop dragon friends back. I’m not sure anyone really knows what deck is going to be tops in the 5-day Mayhem Meta, but be sure you don’t queue in with any of the recently good decks.

Key Wild Re-buffs
A huge furor was made when Raza, the Chained was re-buffed in Wild. It ushered in a new age of Highlander Priest that still echoes today. Well, some formerly S-Tier decks just got their mojo back. Caverns Below goes back to only needing 4 triggers to make 5/5s. I was testing Pen Flinger out, and happened to get the quest completed by Turn 2 with the coin in the NERFED version. It will be interesting to see if a more reliable version can make a dent in the Wild Meta. Necrium Apothecary is also getting a lot of rumbling because of how consistent that deck tended to be. And can Flametongue Totem put Even Shaman back into a viable position? We don’t know, but starting later this week we’re sure going to find out!

Wilder Tournaments
Don’t forget we have a Wild Tournament coming up soon! Stay tuned on our Discord and Twitter for more details. As they become available, I will update this article as well!

Thanks for tuning in, Stay Hype!
– SkaJohnny


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