Man Vs Draft 2

If you’re not familiar with the Man Vs Draft Series, Here is a link to the first installment . It’s me vs the worst deck a viewer (napkinthief) can concoct for me. Things are a bit different this time however; I get to veto overrule the pick 5 times and take whatever I want, and I can also use 3 “phone a friends” to have the rest of the chat pick for me. For me to “beat the draft” I have to get at least 3 wins with the deck. The theme of the last deck was Omelette Druid, where eggs abounded. This time around the deck is what I refer to as “Steamboat Pirate Warrior”, because this guy had me picking steambots and pirates as much as he could.  
Deck Picks
I tried to use my vetoes as wisely as I could, and I stand by many of my decisions. I had to be absolutely sure the card was what I wanted, and that there wouldn’t be a more worthwhile veto down the line, which was not an easy task. I tried to use my vetoes when the picks were not even close quality-wise. My viewer did not take it easy on me after I “flexed” on him with those vetoes, by making me pick 2 Steambots, a Ringmaster’s Baton, a Package Runner, Murloc Tastyfin, Murloc Tidehunter, and a variety of other cards I would never like to see again.  
Play Results
Most of the play centered around whether or not I got Outrider’s Axe when I needed it. Which turned into going through most of my deck to win or lose after a long arduous battle. While there was the possibility to win via zany tempo or synergies. Often, if I did not draw the axe, I lost much more quickly. I would run out of resources and be left with a Package Runner or something in my hand. My main power came from my raw ability to maintain board presence with the axe while maintaining my resources. That axe was my bread and butter. It’s a very good card, and I vetoed for 2 of them because it can carry warrior. If you want to see how all the games went, check out my video below.



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