Marvel Snap Is Pay To Win?

Marvel snap is neither pay to win nor pay to fast, it’s more like pay to annoy, and here I’ll tell you why I see it that way.

In socials or in community threads, there are always people criticizing a game, either for how it is or for its monetization system. Detractors and defenders of the games almost always have biased opinions and almost always brand as crazy or wrong anyone who thinks differently giving way to endless discussions that get nowhere and they forget two fundamental things, the first is that it is a game and the second is that everyone does with their money what they want.

Of all the card games currently, marvel snap is the only one where it is guaranteed that you can get all the cards that exist within the game, in a completely free way (at least as far as I know) and yes, before you mention the battle pass cards, I am aware of that, but the fact that a card is in the battle pass does not mean that later you can not get it.

While a card by itself can change the meta game, I feel that marvel snap has a well achieved balance between rng and strategy, to the point that you feel that many times your decisions matter, at least more than in other games. Maybe it’s also because of the 6-7 turn factors and 12-card decks that greatly reduces the game time and therefore, the chances of drawing things you don’t need at the moment you need them.

The point is that if we talk about what is p2w or p2f or f2p as far as I am concerned marvel snap is pay to annoy, this concept I have invented myself, and is that, with each new season, if you buy the battle pass, you will have a card that can not be obtained otherwise … yet, because later you can get in chests without any problem, however what if it becomes annoying is that a single card can be relevant in a metagame, but that’s as far as it goes. In this game it matters more the strategy and the cons than a single card that you will eventually have. 

In the next article I think I will talk about the monetization systems within the games, I think I liked this topic, and you?


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