Meta Report — Oct 1st

Hey there! The Mini-Set “Maw and Disorder” was released several days ago, and the meta has drastically changed since then. In the following I’ll tell you what exactly changed!

XL Jailer Paladin

In my opinion, this deck is just THE best out there. Obliterates every class. For real.

XL Ramp Druid

A fun deck to play, especially Dew Process spiced things up for Druid. Be careful though! Some interactions are bugged, make sure to find out in that video!

XL Beast Hunter

Shadehound. This Shady Dog was first included by HattriK into Hunter, and it performed too well. In this video, you will find out how it works! I hope.

Secret Mage

For those of you who want to have some fun, try this deck out. NoHandsGamer peaked with this at 26-15 in top 100! It’s worth it, trust me. For the fun!

Felic Demon Hunter

Absolute bonkers. Relic Demon Hunter was and remained the good, solid deck. Meati did, once again, a great job.

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