Mobius Evolves with Conquest Mode

Hearthstone players using the Mobius app can now use Conquest Mode in events.

Players will have the power to pick their playing classes and ban opposing classes using the user-friendly Mobius app. One of the key highlights of the Mobius app is leveraging Discord for automation and ensuring that any accidental choices, such as selecting a banned class or a class previously won with, are promptly ignored. This streamlined experience guarantees that tournaments run smoothly.

Starting from August 22, players can add the Mobius Conquest Mode to any tournament they create.

TNTHYPE $100+ in Prizes

To commemorate the launch of Conquest Mode on Mobius, HypeHorizen is thrilled to announce that the TNTHYPE monthly Hearthstone tournament will be moving to Mobius. With over $100 in prizes up for grabs, this electrifying tournament promises to be a riveting showdown of the best Hearthstone players.

Players need to act fast as the tournament capacity is capped at 64 players. Registration is now open, offering players the chance to secure their spot and compete for a slice of the lucrative prize pool.

Get the Mobius App and Join the Mobius Discord Server to participate.


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