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“My team and I have been working on a Super Secret Project™ outside the realm of Hearthstone! But I’m absolutely taking my experiences from inside the Tavern– we’re going to bring deckbuilding to a whole new world.

League of Legends is a game defined by a robust and global competitive scene. Around the world, pro players and coaches grapple with one of the most intricate games of war there is– but yet lately, something feels off.

League of Legends

From the audience to the organizations, people can sense that “something is missing” when it comes to the competitive meta. In a game with over 100 unique Champions and millions of dollars of investment each year, “stagnation” should theoretically never be a word on the table– yet here we are.

Addressing the Problem

Our job is to create a system to help address that problem. I’ve been a teacher, gamer, coach and storyteller for years now– it’s time to synthesize. With building blocks like the Mohs Hardness Scale and Systema Naturae, I’m so excited for the birth of our new machine and the team that will inevitably wield it.

At worst, this system will be an amazing building block of its own.

At best, it’s a magnum opus that will change the game.

Only one way to find out!

Where to Find Mullahoo

MullahooTTV on Twitter | Mullahoo on Twitch

“See you soon.” – Mullahoo

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