PNG Tubing Essentials

So you’ve decided you want to be a PNG Tuber? Not sure what software to use or how to get started? Today, I will teach you all you need to know about PNG tubing and how to go about pulling it all together!

First, you’ll need an avatar to use, we’ll get to that in just a moment. Then, you’ll need some software including Veadotube and OBS. So, let’s dive into it!

Please note, that Veadotube does not use a camera for tracking. Instead, you will input emotions using keybindings from your keyboard! If you’re looking for more detailed face tracking, you may want to look into 2D VTubing or 3D VTubing!

First up, what is a PNG Tuber? I’m so glad you asked!

What IS a PNG Tuber?

A PNG Tuber or PNG-based VTuber is a series of select PNG image files that are put together to simulate talking and different emotions. It is much simpler in form than its 2D and 3D VTubing counterparts but is still a valid form of expression. Other emotions are assigned to keybinds within Veadotube that allow the PNG Tuber to be more expressive than just a talking and a silent image respectively.

PNG Tubers use these series of images as their avatars, in place of a traditional camera of their real selves. This allows for an increase in creativity and expression and may decrease things like discrimination due to physical appearance. This is true across all forms of VTubing.

For me, VTubing takes away the stress of being on camera while allowing me to express myself to my viewers in my own unique and creative style. For more on my streams, and even the artists and riggers I’ve used for my avatars, please see my Twitch Channel.

The PNG Tubing Avatar

The first and most important thing you’ll need as a PNG Tuber is a PNG Tubing Avatar! This is also the most exciting part as this will be your ‘face’ to your viewers when you’re live or when you’re doing VOD-based content for platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

PNG Tubing Avatars range in style, selection, and price. I have gotten all the assets I’ve used over the years from Etsy. There are so many pre-made PNG tubers out there for affordable pricing. However, if you’re so inclined and have the budget for it, you can usually find custom packages, just make sure they’ve included a Veadotube file for your new avatar to make the next steps easier!

Once you’ve gotten yourself a series of PNG images to use as your VTubing model, you’re ready to get started!

PNG Tubing Vedotube

Veadotube Setup

Alright, you’ve got yourself a model for PNG Tubing. Now, what do you do with it? Well, first you’ll need to download Veadotube. For PNG tubing, you can use the lightweight Veadotube Mini! This is free software and is simple and easy to set up!

Right, first you’ll need to select your desired microphone and adjust the slider until it works for you. Then, you will click the load button and import your avatar images. (Hopefully, your artist has provided a Veadotube folder to make it even easier to set up!)

Then, you will click your display settings button and adjust things like background color. You may also hide the UI from this menu, so keep that in mind for later! Now, if your artist included a Veadotube file for you, you can skip this next step.

If you have drawn your images yourself, or your artist didn’t include a Veadotube file for you, you are going to have to set up your avatar. Along the top are expression buttons, simply assign your blinking images (if you have them) as well as your mouth-state images (talking and silent) to their corresponding images. You will also assign animations if you have them to the two buttons beside that. Finally, you will assign your emotion images to which hotkeys you would like pressed. You can add these by creating new states with the plus button on the side.

At last, your avatar is ready! Make sure to save your work in Veadotube Mini so you can come back to it again and again!

OBS Setup

The final piece of this puzzle is getting your avatar into OBS. This is as simple as creating a new scene or selecting a scene that you want your avatar to appear in. Once that’s ready, all you have to do is set up a game capture and set it to Veadotube.

Now you’ll see your avatar and your background. If you don’t wish for a background with your avatar so that you can have that “green screen” effect, you just have to go into your background settings and set it to transparent.

Resize your new PNG Tuber model to what size you’d like it to appear on your preview screen. The size of your window matters when setting this up, so make sure you always have Veadotube maximized each time you’re working on it.

Repeat this process for each different streaming scene that you’d like your VTuber to appear in. Except, once you’ve created the Veadotube Game Capture Source, you’ll be able to select it to add to new scenes rather than having to create a new one each time.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have your PNG Tuber in your scene, there’s only one thing left to decide! What kind of content are you going to create?! Maybe you already have a game in mind, or maybe a niche like horror, RPG, or card-based games. Whatever you decide, you’re all set to do it!

Happy VTubing!

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