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Article written by SimonkeyIsland

The Return to Naxxramas mini-set has been out for almost two weeks now and of course the meta has changed as a result.

Some say for the better, some say for the worse.

After the first days Evolve Shaman stood lonely at the top of the decks with the best win rate, it looks a bit better now.

A little.

This has mainly to do with the latest patch 25.4.1 and the change of the Discover mechanic of Blazing Transmutation.

Neptulon the Tidehunter was available anyway, contrary to the Discover rule that you can’t have a Colossal to choose from.

Still, thanks to the combination of Schooling into Goldshire Gnoll into Blazing Transmutation with Coin on turn 2, you can already have an (invincible) 10 mana Minion on the board that early.

Plus the possibility of Shadow Hunter Vol’jin with Neptulon in hand on turn 4 with Coin.

Nepulon the Tidehunter for your decks.
Shadow Hunter Vol'jin for your decks.
Hearthstone Decklist




Schooling, Goldshire Gnoll, Blazing Transmutation, Muck Pools

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight is probably one of the best decks right now, if you look at the stats.

This has to do with the new Construct Quarter location. Instead, Foul Egg has been added to the deck. These two cards in combination are pretty powerful.

School Teacher and Nerubian Vizier give the flexibility to find more suitable cards.

In the meantime we even see Brann Bronzebeard added. 

And it makes sense, definitely, when you look at the different battlecry cards in this deck.

In the Brann-Version, 1 Might of Menethil has been added and both Body Baggers deleted.

Construct Quarter for your decks.
Foul Egg for your decks.
Thassarian for your decks.
Hearthstone Deckslist.




Foul Egg, Construct Quarter, Thassarian, any additional one-drop-card

Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight is also a very good deck.

Well, and also here you can find the new location Construct Quarter and Foul Egg. Exactly: great combination! Quite powerful.

School Teacher and Nerubian Vizier also give flexibility here. Lord Marrowgar can be the finisher if you have collected enough Corpses and the opponent has no means against it.

Hearthstone Decklist.
Lord Marrowgar for your decks.




Foul Egg, Construct Quarter, Arms Dealer, Battlefield Necromancer

Big Spell Mage

If you compare the Big Spell Mage now to the version before the mini-set came out, you will find: no difference.

It is also still very strong.

And still the top cards Balinda Stonehearth, Mailbox Dancer with Barbaric Sorceress plus Drakefire Amulet and Rune of Archmage work, of course.





Deepwater Evoker, Balinda Stonehearth, Blademaster Okani, Mailbox Dancer, Far Watch Post

Imp Warlock

A new card has found its way into this Implock deck: Nofin’s Imp-ossible, (A wonderful play on words!).

This card can also be used for Murlocula (another pun!) and not only for the Demons / Imps. Fits perfectly!

Otherwise, everything remains the same. Fill the board with Imps, boost with the Location Vile Library or the Shady Bartender. 

Nofin's Imp-ossible card for your decks.
Vile Library Card for your decks.
The Murlocula card for your decks.
A Hearthstone Decklist



Wicked Shipment, Murlocula, Fiendish Circle, Vile Library

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