Quick Deck Summary: Beast Hunter

Article written by JackDRipper, edited by Raindet.

As we end our time with the latest metagame and enter into the March of the Lich King, playing Hunter still feels really good and strong. Today alone I went 10-2 from Diamond 9 to Diamond 4.

This Deck has early, Mid, and Late game. With cards like Irondeep Trogg, this card will get out of hand if not dealt with. Harpoon Gun to reduce the cost of beasts in the deck if dredged. The Spirits package that will help fill the board and Infuse your late game cards. Pet Collector to pull a beast from the deck and get value from. Insatiable Devourer to clear big boards or taunts in your way and of course Sire Denathrius to deal large amounts of damage and to gain life back.

Of course this deck runs Prince Renathal to help you make it to the late game with the extra 10 HP putting you at 40. I had games against Warlock, Demon Hunter, Mage, Druid, and Hunter. Hunter was one of the losses and a Warlock ( Curselock ).

Overall Hunter remained good, even after the nerfs a few months ago.

As this deck does not require a high skill level to pilot, this is a good deck to play and hit legend with before the new expansion March of the Lich King releases.

The deck felt really strong against all but in my experience Hunter and Druid can be the hard matchups, Warlock depending on draws and what Warlock deck it is. Good luck to all of you climbing the ladder and I’ll see you in the Tavern. 


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