Hi my name is Daniel. I have been playing since the closed beta, hitting legend every season I’ve participated in (which is most). My top standard finish is #7, which qualified me for my first Masters Tournament, Masters Tour Montreal, which I went 6-3 in. I love to help others and watch them exceed expectations.

Dmoney Coaching Prices

I am ready to coach students of all skill levels and offer discounts on prices for multiple hours.

Hearthstone Coaching DmoneyBOOK NOW $30
Hearthstone Coaching DmoneySAVE $10 – BOOK NOW $80
Hearthstone Coaching DmoneySAVE $20 – BOOK NOW $130

Dmoney Coaching Style & Expertise

I am very patient when it comes to my students. The gameplan is to understand your thinking and reasoning behind plays. This will help me to erase any bad habits or clear up certain aspects of the game you may be misunderstanding. I will be taking notes during the session, so you’ll have something to take away and focus on.

I mainly play control-oriented decks, but feel very comfortable fine-tuning your mechanical skills with any deck. Letting me know the deck you’d like to work on ahead of time will help me prepare for our lesson.

Available Times

By appointment any day of the week between 2pm – 6pm Eastern Time.

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Leo Saint

I was hard stuck d5 - 1 for a few seasons and DMoney helped me correct a few things I…

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