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I have been playing video games since before most of you were born, starting with Colecovision and an Atari 2600. Before esports were around, I played Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear at the highest competitive level. Now a father thrice over, I spend some of my extra time streaming games like Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and most recently Fortnite.

I have a BA in Political Science from Brock U, and work in the IT field for a major data company.

I am looking to take the team to the next level.

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meta rprt

Hearthstone Meta – April 15 Special Video Edition

Ecore gives us a few decks to try from the new expansion. Come try some out and discover whats your playstyle in this special video edition of the Meta Report

Ecore gives us a few decks to try from the new expansion. Come figure out what you'd like to play in this Special V


friendly cup

Friendly Competition

Skajohnny showcases a few upcoming competitions you should be aware of. Come check out what Hype is up to!

hs meta

Hearthstone Meta Report – March 11

DreadEye takes us through the meta in the midst of the 1st of 2 GM series this year. Catch him in action next week!

welcome inshayne

Welcome IamInShayne to Hype Horizen

Welcome new player to the team, IamInShayne! He'll be streaming Battleground for us here at Hype Horizen. Come give him a welcome.

HypeHorizen Valorant

Introducing… Team Valorant!

Since you're interested in Valorant, we got you covered! Welcome Valorant to Hype Horizen!

hs meta

Hearthstone Meta Report – January 28

SkaJohnny tries to interpret a fluid meta. For further results, consult a magic 8-ball.



Thursday Night Throwdown is a premium Hearthstone Tournament presented by HypeHorizen in partnership with Fit Club NY. Enter now for your chance to take home card packs.

hs meta jan fourteen

Hearthstone Meta Report – January 14

Introduction Welcome to On the Horizen, your one-stop-shop for everything to know about the current standard meta provided by members of the Hype Horizen