Test of Skills in the King’s Kourt

Time and time again people have claimed to be the greatest gamer alive. But very rarely is there a chance to pit these gamers against each other to show off who is actually the better gamer, until now. Introducing King’s Kourt. King’s Kourt is the brand-new variety gaming contest hosted by the king himself, KingTbell.

What is King’s Kourt?

King’s Kourt is a brand-new variety contest that tests gamer’s skills against KingTbell’s skills in a best of 9 gauntlet of gaming. Both players submit a small list of games they think they have an advantage at along with a couple games that are deemed neutral. These neutral games are generally either luck based or even playing field type games such as “Battleship” or “Rock Paper Scissors”.

The player specific games can be anything they can think of that can be deemed a challenge or competition between the 2 players, even including first to finish a single player game such as quick speed runs or “The Chimpanzee Test”. Each contest will not only give a bountiful amount of glory to the winner but there is also a different prize each time. For the first ever King’s Kourt there won’t be a prize for the winner but instead there will be a punishment for the loser. The loser will have to wear a maid costume on stream as soon as possible.

 When and Where Can I Watch?

The games are always going to be hosted on KingTbell’s channel, Twitch.tv/KingTbell, along with on the competitor’s channel as well. The first King’s Kourt will be held on Saturday July 16th at 12PM Eastern against Hype Horizen’s one and only Dmoney!

Spread the word!! King’s Kourt is open for all to watch and for the bravest to compete. If you have a favorite streamer that you think might have a chance to win the coveted crown send them to Twitch.tv/KingTbell and see if they have what it takes.

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