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Hello TFT players! A new set is releasing this week and we all want to know what’s optimal. Since we don’t even know what the patch will look like, I’m going to instead give you some advice on how to improve and what resources to use. As they say “Give a TFT player a comp and they’ll force it for a day. Teach a TFT player a strategy and they’ll gain LP for a lifetime.” – Fornari 9:02 PM EST.

Tip – You’re Doing Something Wrong

I’m going to plagiarize myself for this one, so don’t tell anyone 😉

“Keep an open mind, understand there’s always a better way and, most importantly, don’t be stubborn. This is the first lesson I impart on anyone I coach.

I adapted this lesson from a translated clip of Jeong “Apdo” Sang-gil, former League of Legends professional.

In the clip, one of Apdo’s main points is no matter how good someone is, there’s always room for improvement. No matter how big or small, there’s always something that can be changed for the better.

“I am just one person and how many League of Legends players are there?” Apdo said through translation. “How can I find something before everyone else if I’m only one person?””

This point is equally valid for any competitive venture. Accept that you’re doing something wrong and try learning from others, no matter how skilled or popular. Even with players below your skill, sometimes learning why something’s bad is even more valuable than learning why something’s good.

Trick – Emulate Then Understand

Sometimes, I too have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Ideally, I’d have GV8 in a call while in ranked and ask about any situation I’m confused in. However, I’m assuming most don’t have infinite access to high-Elo coaching.

So one of the better alternatives is to watch streams and emulate what they do, and specifically what comps they play. Also, you can look at what comps Challenger players are winning with, but more on that in a sec.

After you have a new comp you haven’t seen before, try it out a few times, maybe on a smurf, and notice what you perceive its strengths and weaknesses are. Figure it out a bit and then you should ask questions to the resources you have. This will save a ton of time for everyone then just asking a coach “how do I play Dusk?”

As an example, a friend told me about Chosen Vayne hyper roll. I then looked up a comp, made a few changes, then forced it if I ever got Chosen Vayne. I noticed a few weaknesses, like dipping in around the middle of stage three, made a few more changes and refined the comp the best I could. I understood the comp pretty well and only then did I ask for a few pointers from friends.

Now, I’m gatling out 5.0-AS Vaynes like it’s nothing.

Tech – Winrates

First, if you’re consistently climbing, completely ignore this advice and keep up whatever you’re doing.

However, if you’re not sure what to do, take a look at the stats. A good place to start is look at what comps are working for you and what comps you consistently lose LP on. If you’re losing LP on those comps, it could be because you’re doing something wrong, see what I did there, or maybe the comp just isn’t played in high Elo.

To check that, you can take the easy route of looking at tier lists from your favorite streamers/ sites, or manually look at match histories. Personally, I like using and see what Challengers are winning with. If you have a second monitor, you can also throw some comps there to easily look them up when you’re in game.

About Coaching

Coaching isn’t just a method to improve, to figure out what we’re doing wrong, to look at mistakes, but an experience. Sometimes you also don’t know everything you’re doing right, so my coaching experience involves hyping up correct decisions along with shoring up weaknesses. If you aren’t hype about the session, TFT and haven’t learned/ changed your perspective on something, then I haven’t done my job properly.

For each hour, we can fit in two live-coached games, one live-coached game with a profile review beforehand and a VOD review after, or one VOD review of a recorded game. That’s pretty good!

Be sure to click the banner for $10 off three hours or $20 off five; that’s only $8 a game!



Hi, I'm Fornari and I've been playing TFT since the day of release, peaking at 269th NA (nice) season two, and finishing either Diamond 2 or Master every season. I've been coaching for three years, including over a year of TFT coaching.

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