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Hello TFT players! There’ve been a few minor touches to the meta, but overall, the game remains the same other than some adjusted winrates. This week, I want to do something a bit different and tell you how I’m personally climbing to demonstrate one of many methods to gain LP.

Tip – Pivot Unless Impossible

This set, TFT is incredibly balanced and as such, the strongest board will generally be random four costs and legendaries. This means you should always be looking for how to pivot your board and I have the perfect example.

Zed is a comp I feel is very misunderstood. How it’s been run is with three Slayers, all four Spirits and Zilean. The objective of the comp is to get as many of those champs to level three as possible. However, for reasons still not adequately explained to me, people force exactly Zed, Pyke and Samira even if they barely hit any of those champs.

Now, if you’re streaking and can safely make it to eight, why the hell wouldn’t you just take out the Zed and throw items on Olaf? Why wouldn’t you then take out the Pyke for a Trynd and go nine? Then, why wouldn’t you gradually take out Teemo and Diana for random legendaries? Well, I don’t know.

The Zed comp demonstrates perfectly that you should always be looking to pivot. Unless the game is throwing the same champions at you to three star or you’re bleeding way too fast, the name of the game is generally going nine and playing the strongest champions TFT can offer.

Trick – Start Defensive Items

I’d like to first quote a previous tip I gave on Dec. 29 “Frontline; Backline.”

“Pretty much every composition has two key elements: a frontline, comprised of tanks, CC units with low mana thresholds like Cassiopeia, and sometimes melee carries like Yone and Warwick, and a backline, generally made up of support and DPS champions.

Your objective in TFT isn’t to build one composition, but two. When you hear “strongest board,” think of playing the strongest frontline and strongest backline independent of each other. You can worry about synergies later.”

With that said, I strongly feel that frontline units, as well as tank items, are strongest early game over everything else.

Also, if you get an insane frontline, you can just find like a Chosen Kayle for example and go nine. Or, there are some comps that can just play exclusively strong, tanky frontliners, like Brawlers.

So, my recommendation this patch is starting Chain Vest, as I usually recommend, and playing the strongest early-game Chain item. Then streak, get eight, roll a bit, get nine, throw in some random legendaries and get top two every game. Questions?

Tech – Side Choice

This is a really simple one lads: CC on opposite corners and DPS on the same side.

When positioning, look at your opponents and see where they’re putting the champions you want to interact with. If you have CC champions, you generally want to put them opposite of their comp. If you have damage champions, you generally want to put them on the same side.

For example, you want to put Azir on the opposite side to get the best angle, but you want to put Olaf on the same side so he can reach the backline more quickly.

There’s exceptions to this, like put A’Sol, a damage champion, on the opposite side of your opponent because of how his ultimate works, and Sejuani, a CC champion, should go as close to the enemy carry as possible because her stun is a circle and not a line.

However, if you’re ever confused, you should generally think CC opposite, damage same side, and use that both to position for and against your opponents.

About Coaching

Coaching isn’t just a method to improve, to figure out what we’re doing wrong, to look at mistakes, but an experience. Sometimes you also don’t know everything you’re doing right, so my coaching experience involves hyping up correct decisions along with shoring up weaknesses. If you aren’t hype about the session, TFT and haven’t learned/ changed your perspective on something, then I haven’t done my job properly.

For each hour, we can fit in two live-coached games, one live-coached game with a profile review beforehand and a VOD review after, or one VOD review of a recorded game. That’s pretty good!

Be sure to click the banner for $10 off three hours or $20 off five; that’s only $8 a game!



Hi, I'm Fornari and I've been playing TFT since the day of release, peaking at 269th NA (nice) season two, and finishing either Diamond 2 or Master every season. I've been coaching for three years, including over a year of TFT coaching.

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