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Hello TFT players! HypeHorizen is excited to announce a new weekly series: TFT Tips, Tricks & Tech, where every Tuesday, we give you one weekly tip, trick and tech option for you to implement in your games and rake in the LP. We’re currently on patch 10.25 where everyone is forcing Warwick and Veigar, so let’s see what we can do to profit off this information.

Tip – Health Over Gold

Remember the 4-1 lottery? In case you don’t, it was basically a meta where pretty much nothing mattered until stage 4-1, where you would go seven and attempt to press “D” faster than anyone else. However, now you have to survive at least three more stages until level eight.

That, along with the slight damage increase implemented in patch 10.24, means health is your most important resource.

Don’t be afraid to slam items early; running IE Warwick is better than being dead. Don’t be afraid to hold champions; hitting your pairs is more important than one or two gold. And finally, don’t be afraid to roll on seven, or even six; stabilizing for 30 gold is worth the extra few rounds you’ll buy yourself.

Trick – Start Needlessly Large Rod

Although B.F. Sword is generally the go-to item, I’d like to propose a new opener: Rod.

Rod is arguably the best early streak item, in contention with Chain Vest, as it gives you access to Solari, Luden’s Echo, Morello and Spark. However, B.F. Sword is still the best late-game item. IE, Deathblade, GA and Zeke’s are insane late-game items. But, like I said in the lede, everyone is contesting Warwick.

So, what you’ll be doing is stealing all the items people aren’t looking for and going either Dusk, Warlords, Ahri, random five costs, or just contesting Veigar yourself. The point of this strategy is to slam the best Rod items except for Guinsoo’s or Jeweled Gauntlet, streak, play flexible, and you’ll have so much HP that you can either get a perfect composition or go nine. Worst case scenario: you go eight and slowly lose fights into a top four.

Tech – Healing Reduction

Everyone is either running Warwick or Veigar. So, as we asked in the beginning, how can you profit off that information? Well, what do they have in common? Healing actually.

Both comps rely heavily on healing, so slamming an early Sunfire, which is always a good idea by the way, or an early Morello, might be the way to go. This also has the added benefits of hitting Gunblade and HoJ users.

About Coaching

Coaching isn’t just a method to improve, to figure out what we’re doing wrong, to look at mistakes, but an experience. Sometimes you also don’t know everything you’re doing right, so my coaching experience involves hyping up correct decisions along with shoring up weaknesses. If you aren’t hype about the session, TFT and haven’t learned/ changed your perspective on something, then I haven’t done my job properly.

For each hour, we can fit in two live-coached games, one live-coached game with a profile review beforehand and a VOD review after, or one VOD review of a recorded game. That’s pretty good!

Be sure to click the banner for $10 off three hours or $20 off five; that’s only $8 a game!



Hi, I'm Fornari and I've been playing TFT since the day of release, peaking at 269th NA (nice) season two, and finishing either Diamond 2 or Master every season. I've been coaching for three years, including over a year of TFT coaching.

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