The Big 5-0-0

If you’ve been playing Hearthstone long enough, you’ve had the thrill of hitting 500 wins with your favourite character. It’s a milestone that comes and goes as you cycle through the classes. One of our Founders has hit a different kind of milestone. On January 30th, Dmoney hit 500 consecutive days streaming! Since he’d already hit one year streaming a while back, I thought it would be nice to celebrate his accomplishments. I caught up with Dmoney and asked a few questions.

The Passion
As popular as he is, not everyone knows Dmoney. Dmoney is a founder of HypeHorizen. He’s been growing consistently since September 2019, when he started streaming every day. His entertaining streams focus mostly on Hearthstone. He has also put out a 5 song Hip-hop E.P. As busy as he is, he still makes time to stream every day. I had to get to the bottom of it.

Who and what influenced you to start streaming?
“There was no person in particular that inspired me to start streaming, it was more of just streaming as a whole. I fell in love with every aspect of it and would always be so envious of the people that could be successful at it. It combined 2 of my biggest passions, playing video games and communicating with others. I’ve never not wanted to stream, I just lacked the consistency.”

It’s obvious that you love to stream. Where does that passion come from?
“I get very nervous in front of a lot of people, but it’s just different with streaming. When I’m among my friends, I’d consider myself as very outgoing and someone that is always entertaining. I also care a lot about others and just like to have a positive impact on them, even at my own expense. When I stream it feels like I’m playing games with friends and I want to make sure we are all having a great time.”

The Commitment
As a relative newcomer to Dmoney’s streams, I had a few questions about what lead him down that path. I don’t feel like I could stream every. single. day. A lot of us need time to decompress from being “on,” or to get our real life affairs in order. Even people that do this for a living tend to need a break once in a while. So that’s where my line of questioning lead me. What kind of person would stream for 500 days in a row? Dmoney enlightened me.

At what point did you decide to go for as long as you could? Did you add it to your stream’s identity right away or did that come later?
“I am really bad at making schedules and sticking to them, so I thought I’d make it easy for myself and just stream every single day. Since streaming has always been a dream of mine, I wanted to give it one full attempt, especially while I’m young. Having an amazing community growing with me made it very easy to stream every day. Streaming is an escape for me, it never feels like work. Putting ‘365 days in a row’ in my title was also incentive for people to click on my stream, and I have been updating that every single day so others can track my progress.”

Do you ever feel obligated to do the stream just to keep it going? Or are you stoked every single day?
“I am excited to stream each and every day. One of the great things about streaming is that I run the show. If I’m in a worse mood than usual, I just take it easy and maybe hold back on going as crazy as normal. There are always going to be off days, especially with this many days in a row, but at the end of the day I try my best to put myself out there through the good and bad.”

The Future
Clearly there’s no stopping Dmoney, as he pushes forward with even more consecutive days streaming. As we were wrapping up, I had him looking forward and asked a few questions about his future.

Which streamers influence you now that maybe didn’t when you started?
“I mostly get influenced by bigger creators because they know how to put on a show for their audience. I am always looking to improve my stream, and will often take things from others such as production value or certain phrasing. Streaming throws you into a lot of unique circumstances that can be quite difficult to deal with. Seeing how others fair in those circumstances can better equip you for similar experiences.”

What is the next milestone for you?
“I don’t have a specific milestone in mind, but I’d say each year I reach is a little extra special.”

Do you have any advice for the aspiring fledgling Dmoneys out there?
“Consistency is everything. Don’t let the numbers demotivate you. If something isn’t working, try something new. If you’re truly passionate about something, you will find a way to be successful at it.”

Congratulations to Dmoney for 500 Consecutive Days Streamed! We look forward to seeing not only how long you last, but also the great content you provide us with. You can check out the stream at the link below.

Dmoney’s Twitch Stream.


I have been playing video games since before most of you were born, starting with Colecovision and an Atari 2600. Before esports were around, I played Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear at the highest competitive level. Now a father thrice over, I spend some of my extra time streaming games like Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and most recently Fortnite.

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