Thief Rogue Overview

Thief Rogue has a wide popularity in the current meta, and by many players it’s considered to be the best deck, even though its average winrate is at 49.1%. 

In this article I’ll go over the main aspects of this deck, the win conditions, mulligan and game plan. 

Built around generating resources, this deck is fun to play and effective at the same time, as every game is unique due to the random generation factor. The key cards in this deck are Jackpot! and Reconnaissance, and you want to play them as early in the game as possible. From this it can be inferred that those two cards are a must-keep in the Mulligan alongside a Swiftscale Trickster.

Anyways, you want to keep up your tempo and you want to look for a Blackwater Cutlass with some Wildpaw Gnolls or some cheap Spells with Queen Azshara. Potion Belt allows you to generate additional cards from another class or fill up your board with some 3-drops. This was the Mulligan, now let’s head on to the ways you want to win games. 

Undoubtedly Astalor is a strong minion, but what if you can shadowstep him a few times? Yes, then you will be unstoppable. Don’t play your Astalor if there’s a chance to return him to your hand at least once more. Keep in mind that his final form deals 16 Damage on turn 10! 

Alongside this, your main win condition is cheating out expensive cards early on, that’s why you always want to pick Horn of Ancients of the Queen and why you always discover the best minion of Reconnaissance! After re-summoning those big boys a few times, your opponent will eventually run out of resources and lose! 

One mistake many new Rogue players do, is waiting until their Gnoll becomes 0 mana. No, just play it on turn two for two mana or keep up the tempo. There’s no need to waste turns by trading Cutlasses et cetera. 

Be careful with Jackpot though, preferably you want to play it AFTER giving up your disguise, otherwise you might get Azsharan Vessel or a Smokescreen, which are obviously useless for you. 

When playing against another Rogue, pray that you highroll the better cards. In case you didn’t, you can win by using your resources smarter!

That’s it for today! Next Deck Overview coming soon!

Stay Hype!

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