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This past week Marvel Snap introduced spotlight caches, a system designed to help with card acquisition. Theoretically, it should, the system places 3 cards ( 1 new and 2 old) and a random variant as a purple cache in your progression track and when you hit it you randomly get one of the 4. 

This Week in Marvel Snap, Spotlight Caches!

If you already have one of the old cards you get a new variant for it. Looking at the mn progression track currently, I’m CL 4570 where I just opened a spotlight cache my next one isn’t until 4690. Last week I was only able to open one cache in total while doing all of my dailies and buying the Namoor bundle for a few extra credits. Previously I would have seen myself amassing Collectors tokens to buy new cards but now I’m getting 50 tokens and Living Tribunal, a card a chose not to buy. Overall, I don’t believe the new system is an improvement over the old one maybe with the tuning we shall see. 

Let’s Talk more about spotlight caches. Not going to go over all the new cards but, mainly the value of the caches. 

Pulling here from marvelsnapzone we have the release schedule for all the upcoming Spotlights through September. It gets interesting looking forward, obviously, we’re getting new cards and variants which is great for sure but I’m seeing some real value looking to the next 3 weeks. If you don’t have all the “big bads” already this looks like an insane opportunity. Big Bads in the snap are cards that the second dinner has stated maintain their 6000 collectors token value for an indefinite amount of time.  Not only will you be able to nab a potential new card but High Evo, Thanos, and Galactus are a part of the cache. Not to mention dark hawk is there which is a card most expected to be a part of the most recent series drop but wasn’t. If you save up for your caches for anything the week of July 21st might just be worth it. 

Past that most things look to be good for new players with old season pass cards being included. Notably, two weeks stick out to me August 8th and September 5th with no new card being introduced to the game. Unless you’re wanting spider ham or Jeff ( which is the best card in the game) these look to be weeks where maybe you could save your caches. 

Moving on to the snap meta this week again pulling from Den over at marvelsnapzone with this tier list Let’s go through our tier one and two decks of the week. We see Bounce remain at number one in the meta, this isn’t surprising Bounce I think is a deck that offers the most skill expression in the game and has the most versatility with the cards you can include in your decks. The same could be said for the second deck in the meta with sera control. Honestly, when it comes to both these decks they feel very similar to me in my mind. A lot of the same cards are being used while still being able to fit as many techs as needed to counter your worst matchups. Bounce players be aware of the Knife guy behind the invisible woman. 

Evolved lockdown down at tier 2 from tier 1, High Evo saw a slight nerf to Wasp and Hulk this past week with Wasp only hitting a -1 on reveal toning down the lockjaw value while Hulk now only gains power while on the field or in hand. The deck is still insane but I haven’t seen as many this past week is that from the nerf or from people looking for new things to play who can telStillill a contender? 

Surfer is next here, while it’s down here at tier 2 don’t be fooled Surfer is probably one of the best decks you can play right now. Playing no one drops and gaining insane value from a late surfer, as well as you dodge a ton of current counters in the meta. Not to mention with Jean Grey coming out last week the deck gained some surprise factor and control elements. Personally, the surfer is the deck I’ve played against the most in both Conquest and Ladely top tier. 

Iron Patriot is next here and man let me tell you this is one of my favorite decks to play right now the insane flexibility of your various no-effect cards paired with patriot mystique onslaught iron man and blue marvel you crank out some insane numbers. Losing one lane iron man onslaught it losing multiple? drop a huge Ultron with multiple ongoing buffs and with Enchatress nowhere to be seen I think this deck is in a great spot right nowGetsts the highest recco from me. 

Dracula discard is here You’re not going to hear much from me on this one deck is consistent and good Dracula is extremely hard to counter and the deck hasn’t changed all that much in the past few months. You know it you know it, it’s for you.

The last two decks to talk about here are Evo Lock Down and Pure Evo. 

Evo Lockdown is the Ieck I played the most last site one of my favorites to play. Controlling your lanes and denying your opponent places to play cards is great. I suspect it’s fallen as low as it has from being one of the most-seen decks in the past few months. The deck is good but chances are your opponents know what they’re in for when you start playing. But ly be wrong If I said it didn’t feel great do strom cyclops have a lane? And with luke cage seeing less and less play the deck can’t be ignored. PurEvovo, on the other hand, is a decI I see very little of I don’t think many people are on this so the surprise factor is good. The Few times I have seen it talbumbom has always surprised me it gets around things like Goose doesn’t care about Cosmo the deck could be an interesting play but overall you’re slotting high evo into your deck I think there are better options to play. 

Last up I want to shout out some decks from my favorite place to get decklists 

SnapDecks on Twitter if you’re not following them you missing out for sure 

First up we have one of HypeHorizen’s own PeacefulSea rocking a dark hawk lane control deck, with a card I don’t see nearly enough Stegron. Stegron is for sure underrated and I don’t think anyone is expecting his big ole tail to whap your cards to another lane. Polaris Storm Stegron and Spidey not to mention Hawk this deck is all bangers for sure. 
Next is @W_MarvelSnap’s Thanos ongoing deck. Thanos is for sure one of my favorite ways to play snap with variation and utility from your stones. Coming off a tournament win with the deck it is looking like the premiere way to play Thanos. Locking down lanes with a limestone into  X, boosting them up with Klaw locking another with Spiderman the deck is a force and according to KMBests tweet, he has an above 60% win rate with it. Definitely would recommend using Thanos right now.

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