Thursday Night Throwdown #2

It’s back by popular demand! HypeHorizen presents TNT 2. Save the Date for November 19th at 8pm EST.

This time 32 competitors will compete for glory and prizes. Put your hat in the ring and don’t let it get crushed!


1st Place – 40 Hearthstone Packs | HypeHorizen T-shirt OF YOUR CHOICE
2nd Place – 22 Hearthstone Packs | HypeHorizen branded T-shirt (our choice)
3rd Place – 7 Hearthstone Packs
4th Place – 7 Hearthstone Packs

This tournament is scheduled RIGHT after the latest expansion. That means Meta is out the window! Bring your new decks and a new pair of shorts. The cost for this insane event? NOTHING! That’s right, you pay zero, nada, nuthin… Everything to gain, nothing to lose (except maybe some games, and some self-respect). Random matches WILL be broadcast on Twitch (casters will be announced later). You need to be a member of our Discord to join.


Come register here: Thursday Night Throwdown Registration
Register on Battlefy

Can’t compete? Still want to win some sweet swag? Stop by the stream, where we’ll be giving away hype goodies and stuff! All are welcome at the #TNTHypeCAST. Come cheer on your favorite competitor!

Will you cheer for the champ? Or the underdog?


Join the HypeHorizen Discord Channel for tournament updates.
Join the Discord


You can also follow the action on Twitter using the hashtag: #TNTHypeCAST – Everyone get in here!


I have been playing video games since before most of you were born, starting with Colecovision and an Atari 2600. Before esports were around, I played Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear at the highest competitive level. Now a father thrice over, I spend some of my extra time streaming games like Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and most recently Fortnite.

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