TNT Invitational Update

As we churn along through another COVID year, we’ve been brought together by our passion for gaming. Hearthstone has been as vibrant as ever. Garnering both praise and criticism from it’s fan-base, polarization seems inevitable. Some of us have moved on from streaming it, while others have doubled down and set new goals for themselves.

One of the bright spots of the year has become the Thursday Night Throwdown tournament. Although we had to forego one of them due to a serious bug, we’ve been having them relatively faithfully every month. This will culminate in a tournament at the end of the year. Participation helps, but good performances are key. Below you’ll find the updated points totals, as well as the winners, for the past calendar year.


Thursday Night Throwdown

MPV is leading the points due to sheer participation. He has been in every single tournament. He’s also had a few good finishes, although his best finish unfortunately doesn’t count, since it was previous to this calendar year. If he can close out a top 4, it would likely solidify his invite, even if he hasn’t won a tournament (yet).

ChaosEli is a relative newcomer to the tournament, only participating in the last 3. In the first 2 tournaments he placed 2nd in each, which shot him up the rankings. I really like the fact that someone who hasn’t participated in many of these tournaments still has a chance to get invited, simply because they’ve put up a few excellent performances.



Regardless of how you get there, anyone who gets an invite to the year-end tournament should feel proud of themselves. I’m looking forward to watching the next few unfold. Come join our community, and help make the next few TNTs extra memorable.


If you’re interested in participating in the next Thursday Night Throwdown, it will be on September 23rd. You can book-mark that link as it will update as we host new tournaments.



I have been playing video games since before most of you were born, starting with Colecovision and an Atari 2600. Before esports were around, I played Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear at the highest competitive level. Now a father thrice over, I spend some of my extra time streaming games like Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and most recently Fortnite.

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