Top 5 Decks For This Week 2nd January

Article written by SimonkeyIsland.

After the many buffs and nerfs of the last patch, today we look at the TOP 5 decks that you can / should play right now.

Frost Death Knight (4340 dust)


This is a really viable deck you should try!

Begin with an early tempo play using your minions: Deathchiller and Harbinger of Winter. In late game you can freeze your opponent’s board with Frostwyrm’s Fury.

Try to think and calculate your possible combos of as much as spell damage as possible to win the game! 


Deathchiller and Harbinger of Winter, Bone Breaker and Thassarian

Quest Fel Demon Hunter (7140 dust)


Completing the quest is not your first goal, it is just a nice side effect.

But if you can discount your cards like this, your Lady S’theno will be better and better.

Also, the combination of Fel’dorei Warband with Sinful Brand is very powerful.

Yes, it is possible to use two Sinful Brands on only one (bigger) minion!

Just draw through your deck, try to develop the quest and do as much damage to the other hero as you can. It’s kind of simple.


Fel Barrage, Mark of Scorn and if you have already both on your hand, you also keep Fel’dorei Warband with Sinful Brand! Sigil of Alacrity is not a bad keep and a good first card to play, too.

Shockspitter Hunter (10500 dust)


Load up your Shockspitters with using your weapons as much and fast as you can to simply be able to finish your opponent with them (with Brann!)

A very good combo you have to think of is Candle Shot and Keeneye Spotter plus Selective Breeder to copy your Shockspitter, which you don’t wanna keep in your mulligan!


Batty Guest as a perfect turn one card, Candle Shot, a very useful weapon in the early game. Spirit Poacher and Wild Spirits for some Seeds and board appearance.

Big Spell Mage (11880 dust)


Yes, indeed, this deck is still fine and powerful!

Arcane Defenders and Astalor Bloodsworn are new in this deck, but it will be played like before, of course.

With Balinda Stonehearth you get a huge minion, with Drakefire Amulet and Barbaric Sorceress including a Coin in your opponent’s hand (created by Mailbox Dancer) a cheap and powerful spell. The two “Dawngraps” and Mordresh Fire Eye are very useful cards as before.

So you have enough tools to win with your huge Minions or Spells. Or both.


Far Watch Post is still an annoying card, you want to keep, Amplified Snowflurry and Nightcloak Sanctum are very useful, too.

Balinda Stonehearth is also a very good card you wanna hold in your hand.

Evolve Shaman (7920 dust)


Huge and expensive, but discountable Minions like Goldshire Gnoll and Sea Giant in combination with tools like the Muck Pools location and Primordial Wave to evolve them – Evolve Shaman is an interesting deck (and relies a bit on RNG, of course)

And this is more or less the way you win your games.


You wanna keep cheap and effective cards for evolving and board presence / clear.

So Muck Pools and Convincing Disguise with Goldshire Gnoll are a perfect choice here..

Also keep Schooling for a possibility to clear the board. Prescience could also be worth thinking of having in your hand.


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